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The Best Island Resort For Couple Vacations in Belize

May 31, 2020
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The Best Island Resort For Couple Vacations in Belize

Grab your friends, and plan a couples trip to Belize!

Who didn’t fall in love with the cast of characters of the award-winning NBC sitcom “Friends”? Rachel, Ross, Joey and Monica were welcomed into living rooms so frequently, viewers got into the habit of inviting friends over to their places to see the show. If you get this show because your life has been blessed by having close friends willing to stick with you through thick and thin, wouldn’t’ t you like to plan a vacation with them?

Come to Belize. Stay on a private island that’s small, affordable, and the epitome of luxurious Caribbean living at a resort that’s a friend of the environment too. Only one place can deliver this much relaxation and pampering: Ray Caye Island Resort, just off the coast of the Belize mainland. Here’s why…

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The resort with personality

Located amid the aqua waters of the Caribbean Sea, Ray Caye Island was named for the marine life that circles the shoreline. Just 7 acres in size, you couldn’t get lost if you tried. Yet, because Ray Caye is designed for privacy and intimacy (only around 16 guests can be accommodated at any time on the island), you won’t run into crowds, kids, or any of the distractions for which large, overly-populated resorts are known.

Why does Ray Caye have such a unique personality? Because it offers all of the beauty and luxury you would expect from a multi-star resort, yet environmentally friendly energy resources drive the island’s needs. The dive shop on the island gives you access to all of the adventures you care to take, but when it’s time to slow down and restore your spirit, massages, and yoga classes at the spa do the job with aplomb.

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Bring your friends. Save a bundle

The plethora of journal articles published by scientists marveling at the fact that while people are staying in closer touch than ever thanks to the Internet, it’s not the number of friends on one’s speed dial that make life worth living. Who could survive without the closest friends you rely upon to keep your world turning on it’s axis?

Whether you wish to make your Ray Caye sojourn a solo stay, a couples getaway, or you want to include your closest buds; this resort offers everything you desire. Calendar a stay on the island with those friends to take advantage of this amazing offer: Book one room and your friends receive 50-percent off a second room. This may be the only time this offer is available!

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Reserve now to avoid disappointment

Offshore tours are plentiful, lodgings are secluded, and the Lionfish Grill’s menu includes freshly-caught seafood and produce harvested on the island. Given the size of Ray Caye and accommodation limitations, waiting to book your buddy trip could land you in a world of disappointment, given the island’s size and a limited number of lodgings plus the limited availability of this friends discount.

Call your posse – Stoke their enthusiasm. Select a date down the road now to get your first booking choice. This fantasy island getaway is guaranteed to bring you closer to the friends you cherish. Contact us at or call +501-533-4446 or +500-523-3337. There are kayaks, charter boats, hammocks, a gym, and spa waiting for all of you, including promises of memory-making, fun, relaxation, and savings!

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