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Experience a Day Trip to Ray Caye 

If you’re searching for a unique tropical getaway, a day trip to Ray Caye Island Resort offers an extraordinary slice of paradise. Nestled amidst Belize’s clear, turquoise waters, our beautiful island provides a variety of experiences for our cherished daytrippers.

FAQs for Daytrippers

1. Can reservations be made for meals at Lionfish Grill? Yes, we gladly welcome daytrippers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, provided the island is not privately rented. However, meal reservations are essential. For dinner, please reserve by 3pm at the latest to enable our kitchen to prepare accordingly.

2. Is the pool accessible? Indeed! The Lionfish Grill pool, situated on the public side of the island, is open to daytrippers.

3. Can we book tours at Pirate Reef Dive Shop? Certainly! If space permits, we welcome sail-ins for our morning dive tours and afternoon snorkel excursions. Book by email, hail us on VHF channel 11, or drop by the Dive Shop.

4. Is slide usage permitted? Our island is divided into private and public zones. The slide is in the private area for resort guests. However, subject to low in-house occupancy, we might permit a quick slide, once confirmed that resort guests are not using the South Dock.

5. Do you sell provisions or wholesale beverages? Yes, we offer beer, soda, and water by the case at the Dive Shop. We may also provide other dry goods and produce, subject to daily availability and at the Chef’s discretion.

6. Is there a day pass for the island? No, we don’t offer a day pass and advise against using the island as the day’s primary destination. If you dine with us, feel free to enjoy the pool and beach pre or post-meal for a reasonable duration.

7. Can we rent kayaks, snorkel gear, and paddleboards from Ray Caye? Yes, these items are available for rent, subject to availability.

8. Is there a restroom fee? No, as we expect visitors to patronize our shops or restaurant/bar, there’s no restroom fee.

9. Do you have island showers? No, we don’t offer showers. As water is a precious resource, we limit sweet water access.

10. Is there an emergency phone to reach the mainland? Yes, an emergency phone is available at the Welcome Center to contact a sailing charter base office on the mainland.

11. Can ice be purchased on the island? Yes, ice is sold by the bag, subject to availability. During dry season, ice may not be available.

12. How many mooring balls are available? We have 4 to 6 mooring balls around the island, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

13. What are the mooring fees? We have an inner reef mooring at USD$25.00 per night and outer reef balls at USD$15.00 per night. Fees can be paid at the Pirate Reef Dive Shop.

14. Are massages available for daytrippers? Yes, provided there are slots available, we accommodate massage bookings for daytrippers.

15. Is there a second restaurant and bar on the island? Our resort guest-exclusive space includes a restaurant, bar, and pool, not available to daytrippers.

16. Is fuel available for purchase on the island? Both gasoline and diesel can be purchased at our service station.

17. Do you provide transportation to the island for day trippers? No, we do not provide transportation services for day trips to the island. Visitors are responsible for arranging their own transportation.

18. How can I arrange transportation to the island for a day trip? While we don’t provide transportation services, we can suggest several trusted tour operators who can help you arrange your day trip. Please see the list on our Transportation page for more information.