The South of Belize

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With its rich melting pot of local cultures, ancient Maya cities, and a diverse ecosystem that extends from flatlands to the jungle to beaches, Belize is like a microcosm of every paradise mankind has ever imagined, but there’s no territory in Belize that captures the country’s unique magic and personality better than the Placencia Peninsula. When you decide to settle in on this thin slice of a peninsula, you’re never far away from the beach, and it provides you with easy access both to the islands surrounding the Belize mainland and the beautiful interior of this Caribbean paradise.

Formed as a humble fishing village in the 1800s, the village once known as “Punta Placentia” (or “Pleasant Point”) has developed into one of the most popular travel destinations within Belize, but it’s still managed to maintain its humble, friendly, and down to earth personality. You won’t find Hard Rock Cafes or Hiltons, but you will find a welcoming community that’s eager to share their little slice of heaven with guests from abroad.

No longer a remote fishing village but not yet a tourist trap, Placencia occupies a perfect Goldlicks Zone of diversity without being too overcrowded or overly marketed. That’s perfectly typified by Placencia’s “Main Street”. Recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest main street in the world, this thoroughfare is representative of the more laid back and laisezz-faire personality that Placencia evokes. But you’ll find plenty to do in town. The restaurant and bar scene is lively, featuring a mix of both traditional seafood dishes made from fresh catches of the day to more cosmopolitan fare that draws on the talents and eccentricities of the region’s talented chefs.

But while Placencia Village is a charming little town in its own right, it’s also a gateway to a world of natural beauty. There’s no better launching point for exploring the Belize Great Barrier Reef. Whether you’re looking to venture out onto the calm waters to haul in a big catch or get more up close and personal with the local fauna by way of a snorkeling or scuba expedition, there are plenty of charter groups in Placencia Village that will be eager to help make your dreams come true. And that holds true for Belize’s rainforests as well. You can go venturing out into the jungle with a tour group on a simple day trip. However, there’s no better way to explore Placencia than via nearby Ray Caye, a private island resort located off the coast of the peninsula. You’ll get easy access to the village itself while having access to your own remote wonderland with staff ready to heed your beck and call.

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