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About Ray Caye

Can an island vacation change your life? It can say researchers at the world’s highly-respected Pew Research Center. Choosing an island, rather than staying “connected” on a mainland, shows your desire to take care of yourself in our chaotic world where stress is a constant reminder of how we have chosen to live our lives.

Ray Caye Island Resort in Belize was designed to deliver not just a unique vacation alternative but a sanctuary for the spirit, catering exclusively to travelers seeking pure, exotic, fun destinations that are as far removed from the pressures of daily living as one could wish for.

See how it feels to leave your electronic devices behind as you devote all of your time to calming your mind and getting reacquainted with long-dormant passions. Ray Caye offers everything a vacationer desires in terms of lush accommodations, meals, and transport to and from one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful playgrounds.

Whether you crave alone time in a place that puts paradise to shame or you are considering booking the entire island for a retreat, Ray Caye, named for magnificent marine life swimming offshore, allows you to discover how it feels to stay off the grid in a place you once thought existed only in your imagination.

Change your vacation plans. Change your life. An island in the sun awaits. Will you answer the Ray Caye call?

  • Accommodations
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Island Stay

Welcome to Ray Caye

Envision a turquoise world teeming with life-affirming joy.You’ve arrived at a Caribbean destination free of crowds. Devoid of stress. A haven for body, mind, and spirit. Walk along sugar-white beaches. Breathe in bracing ocean air filled with sweet fragrances. Spot a giant sea turtle. He calls to you. At that moment, you realize that all things are possible.

You have arrived at Ray Caye, a sacred world eager to soothe your senses, heal your body and relax your mind. This world exists—exactly as it did before the Caribbean region grew crowded with people, noise and distractions.Dip your foot into crystalline waters and look around. This private island is designed with your sensibilities in mind; an unspoiled universe that promises more than photos can convey. Ray Caye promises peace. You’re safe within the embrace of an island dedicated to your wellbeing.

Welcome to all who come to rest here–honeymooners, divers, families, lovers and fishing enthusiasts of all stripes. Ray Caye is devoted to healing your soul. See how it feels to be one with nature. Take pride in the fact that you have chosen a resort managed by folks who care about our fragile planet. The resort is totally powered by solar panels so even birds flying overhead recognize the uniqueness of Ray Caye. Find this hallowed ground on the edge of the Gladden Spit and within Belize’s Silk Cayes Marine Reserve. Located in close proximity to the world-famous Belize Barrier Reef, the caye offers guests nearly one mile of private shoreline.

Accommodations are so limited, you can’t help but feel that you and your travel companion are the only people in the world. In fact, you can be. To find out how to make this happen, contact our discreet staff to plan what could be the most life-affirming vacation you have ever experienced. A stay at Ray Caye really can change the way you view the world in the years ahead.

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Upon arrival...we were greeted with fruity umbrella drinks as if we were guests on Fantasy Island (which we kind of were). The cabana was beautiful! Each has a deck and a view of the ocean.
Upon arrival...we were greeted with fruity umbrella drinks as if we were guests on Fantasy Island (which we kind of were).  The cabana was beautiful! Each has a deck and a view of the ocean.
Alex L