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Ray Caye Resort’s mission to deliver unprecedented diving experiences knows no bounds. From specialty diving tours and packages to diving specialists trained to work with divers from beginners to the most experienced, the Pirate Reef Dive Shop and Center is prepared to equip you with everything you need, from guidance and advice to instruction and certification.

The Dive Shop has everything you need!

Must you make room in your suitcase for diving gear? Only if you don’t own any. Pirate Reef Divers’ inventory is comprehensive and vast. Whether you need nothing more than a tank or you couldn’t identify a snorkel if one was handed to you, expect to be outfitted with the gear that keeps you safe and secure during your time under water.

In fact, rent from the Ray Caye inventory and each item will be cleaned and maintained for the duration of your stay, and if you intend to stay out on your diving tour as long as possible, juices, water, snacks, and lunches can be boarded to keep you fueled throughout the day.

Contact us for more information. We can’t wait to talk diving with you!

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