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Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

Dive the Ray Caye Way

Belize Diving Tours at Ray Caye begin where the water’s edge meets your ambitions; steps from the door of your island accommodation. Boat rides to and from Belize’s hot spots are minutes away and because this private island is so small, there’s no line to board your boat to reach diving hot spots like the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve.

Belize scuba diving

Diving Tours

Ray Caye’s PADI dive operation consists of experts who know where diving and snorkeling are at their best and where to move to if it’s not. You can dive with us at Pirate Reef – even divers who are not staying with us at Ray Caye.

The Belize’s barrier reef, the second-longest in the world loves to show off its finery year-round. Awe-inspiring corals sprawl across reef surfaces, and since the government and environmental groups are protective of the 180-mile-long reef system, you could meet more than 25 species of fish when you dive.

Ray Caye is one of the most accessible private islands off the mainland, so whether you intend to bring your own gear or borrow it from Ray Caye’s extensive inventory, you are assured of proper guidance, sustenance on long outings, certification training or lessons and every extra you expect of a diving trip that is so satisfying and pleasurable, you won’t want to dry off.

Explore your options on this page and make travel decisions based on your curiosity, passion for diving and your personal calendar.


Silk Cayes Diving
Silk Cayes Diving
One - three tank dive
from$ 100.00

Dive Certification

Our unique location near the reef makes becoming a PADI certified diver easier than anywhere else in Belize. Click the PADI eLearning link below to access more information on certifications.

Diving certification rates
$ 197
$ 563
$ 495
$ 552
$ 1125
$ 337.5
$ 168.75

Diving Courses

Junior Open Water Diver Course: 10-15 Years Old

-Theory Lessons: The junior divers will learn about the basics of scuba diving, including dive safety, equipment handling, and underwater navigation.
-Confined Water Dives: The participants will practice basic scuba skills in a controlled environment, usually a swimming pool or calm, shallow water.
-Open Water Dives: After successfully completing the confined water dives and passing a final exam, the junior divers will then venture into open water, under the direct supervision of an instructor. They'll apply the skills they learned in the confined water dives in a real-world diving scenario.
-Depth Limitation: Due to their age, Junior Open Water Divers will have a depth limit imposed for their safety. This limit is usually set at 12 meters (40 feet) for divers 10-11 years old, and 18 meters (60 feet) for divers 12-15 years old.

Open Water Diver Course: 15 Years and Older

-5 knowledge development sessions
-5 confined sessions in a pool or in pool-like conditions
-4 open water dives for certification
-Upon certification, students are able to dive to a depth of 60 feet
-Length of course: 3 days (dependent on skill level of student)

Advanced Open Water Diver Course: 16 Years and Older

-Entails 5 specialty dives (students may choose the dives they would like to do)
-Must have at least 20 dives logged to enroll in this course
-Upon certification, students are able to dive to a depth of 100 ft or deeper
-Length of course: 3-4 days (dependent on skill level of student)

Rescue Diver Course: 16 Years and Older

-Course teaches dive students to be able to handle and manage dive incidents/accidents on site.
-Uses scenarios that depict real life situations that can arise while diving to teach
-Length of course: 4-5 days (dependent on skill level of student)

Dive Master Course: 18 Years and Older

-This course teaches students to manage and lead dive excursions as a leader
-The information covered in the course are as follows: dive planning, briefing, dive group leadership, dive accident control, and diver etiquette.
-Student must have at least 60 completed dives logged to enroll to receive certification

Discover Scuba Diving: 10 Years and Older

This is not a certification course, but an introduction to the world of scuba diving.
-The student reads and reviews a booklet provided and discusses the contents with an instructor.
-The student then becomes familiar with scuba equipment and skills while in confined water (pool or pool-like conditions)
-After that, they are taken on a dive with a maximum depth of 40 ft.
-After the course is completed successfully, if the student wishes to become fully certified they can be accredited towards an open water course within 90 days. The student will be credited with the first knowledge development session and the first open water dive.

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Dive sites

Long Coco Split

At 90' (27m) lies Miss Panda, a little tug scuttled in 2002 to make a reef and dive site. Silver-sides hide within, while Barracuda and Goliath Grouper hunt them.

The Wreck

At 90' (27m) lies Miss Panda, a little tug scuttled in 2002 to make a reef and dive site. Silver-sides hide within, while Barracuda and Goliath Grouper hunt them.

North Wall

You will find diving heaven here in one of the best dives in Belize. Highlights include almost every kind of Caribbean reef creature, plus reef Sharks, and the occasional Whale Shark. This dive usually starts at 80' (24m) and then steps up to 40' (12m) at the top of the reef crest

Laughing Bird Caye Drop-off

The drop-off begins at 15' (5m), and slops down to 80' (24m). This is a common checkout dive sight for new divers. Excellent fish nursery. Accessible by boat or from shore.

White Hole

From the surface it seems like you are looking down into a white hole, which is actually sand at 30' (9m). There are southern Stingrays, Nurse Sharks, and Green Morays in the sandy area. This local fishing spot has Grouper, Yellow-tail and Dog-tooth Snapper down in the 60' (18m) range. The bottom slopes to the drop-off at 70' (21m), which goes into the deep.

Laughing Bird Caye North

At 90' (27m) lies Miss Panda, a little tug scuttled in 2002 to make a reef and dive site. Silver-sides hide within, while Barracuda and Goliath Grouper hunt them.

Pompion Canyons

The canyons are actually grooves in the towers of coral. The current dictates which direction you dive, whether north to south or south to north, but either way it is interesting to search the canyons and spurs for marine life.

Pompion Wall

Almost 2 miles (3 km) beyond Pompion Caye, which is 23 miles (38 km) out from Placencia. The wall begins at 45' (14m) and drops straight down to Davy Jones' Locker. In the 70' (221m) range there are nooks and crannies concealing Lobster, Moray Eels, Spider Crabs, and feeding Hawks-bill Turtles. The top of the wall is crowded with colorful fish, while large aquatic creatures cruise by in the blue.

Turtle Canyons

This is a great second dive just north of North Wall. The name is taken from the Hawks-bill and Logger-head Turtles that rest here. This is also a fish nursery, making for good photography of Spotted Drums, Arrow Crabs, and cleaner Shrimp. This dive ranges from 50'-60' (15m-18m) in depth.

Gladden Spit Whale Shark Dive

The Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve is a spawning ground for great numbers of Cubera, Mutton, and Dog-tooth Snappers, which produce tons of spawn from the full moon to its last quarter every March, April, May, and June. This attracts Whale Sharks to the Gladden Spit area to feed. Divers and snorkelers get a rare opportunity to swim along with the biggest fish in the world. They are bigger than any creature on earth, with the exception of the whales and a few dinosaurs. The wall here slopes to 160' (46m), and then drops off into the abyss. Scuba diving is done mid-water at less than 60' (18m) deep. Please note that of the sites listed above, North Wall and White Hole (labeled [5] and [6] on the map below, respectively) are the ones most frequented by Ray Caye's dive operation. The rest of the dive sites are located farther away from the island and therefore require a minimum sign-up of 6 persons to visit. For our regular dives at North Wall and White Hole, however, we only require a minimum of 1-2 persons.Contact us at Ray Caye to book your dive vacation today or to request more information about our dive sites!