Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded...

Ray Caye Island Resort

Experience the Caribbean the way nature intended; just you, a pristine sand beach and the crystal clear sea. Ray Caye, located 18 Miles offshore Placencia is a Belize private island resort that offers an unspoiled environment for an authentic and unforgettable tropical experience. Ray Caye Island Resort in Belize was designed to deliver not just a unique vacation alternative but a sanctuary for the spirit, catering exclusively to travelers seeking pure, exotic, fun destinations that are as far removed from the pressures of daily living as one could wish for.



Belize may not be as well known a travel destination as some of its neighbors in Central America or the Caribbean, but it’s quickly becoming a top choice for everyone from vacationing families to honeymooning couples. There’s a good reason for that. Belize offers one of the most diverse and beautiful ecosystems in the world. The second-largest barrier reef in the world looms a mere mile from the shoreline, while hidden Maya temples still lurk deep among the lush and imposing jungles of the inland countryside. The culture here is equally diverse.

Despite being an English speaking nation, Belize is home to ethnicities as varied as the German-speaking Mennonites and the Mestizos who blend together indigenous and Spanish sensibilities into a truly unique culture. In addition to being one of the more popular local vacation destinations in recent years, Belize is quickly becoming a refuge for American and European expatriates thanks both to the affordable real estate and the natural beauty that this country has to offer. And with Chinese, Muslim, and Indian influences playing their own part in Belize’s cultural heritage, that means that there are tons of culinary specialties to explore that go well beyond traditional fresh seafood dishes like ceviche.

And wherever you go in Belize, you’ll never be too far from where you want to be. The entire country is smaller than the state of Massachusetts, and while the barrier reef is the crown jewel to Belize’s name, it’s just one piece of a much more diverse environmental landscape. This is a country that takes ecological preservation seriously, and it shows in how much enthusiasm the locals devote to the mangrove swamps, ruins, and coastlines that make up the landscape.

Due to its ideal position in relation to the Equator, you can count on Belize to provide you with mild and enjoyable weather all year long. While the stretch of June to November brings with it rain and thunderstorms, these usually strike in the morning or evening, leaving plenty of time to explore what the country has to offer. The subtropical climate wavers pleasantly between the low 60s and the high 90s all year long.

If you do decide you want to make a visit to Belize, we recommend you book your trip with Ray Caye. Our award-winning private island resort is close enough to all the important landmarks, and you can trust our staff to lavish you with the treatment you deserve.

The Peninsula


With its rich melting pot of local cultures, ancient Maya cities, and a diverse ecosystem that extends from flatlands to the jungle to beaches, Belize is like a microcosm of every paradise mankind has ever imagined, but there’s no territory in Belize that captures the country’s unique magic and personality better than the Placencia Peninsula. When you decide to settle in on this thin slice of a peninsula, you’re never far away from the beach, and it provides you with easy access both to the islands surrounding the Belize mainland and the beautiful interior of this Caribbean paradise.

Formed as a humble fishing village in the 1800s, the village once known as “Punta Placentia” (or “Pleasant Point”) has developed into one of the most popular travel destinations within Belize, but it’s still managed to maintain its humble, friendly, and down to earth personality. You won’t find Hard Rock Cafes or Hiltons, but you will find a welcoming community that’s eager to share their little slice of heaven with guests from abroad.

No longer a remote fishing village but not yet a tourist trap, Placencia occupies a perfect Goldlicks Zone of diversity without being too overcrowded or overly marketed. That’s perfectly typified by Placencia’s “Main Street”. Recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest main street in the world, this thoroughfare is representative of the more laid back and laisezz-faire personality that Placencia evokes. But you’ll find plenty to do in town. The restaurant and bar scene is lively, featuring a mix of both traditional seafood dishes made from fresh catches of the day to more cosmopolitan fare that draws on the talents and eccentricities of the region’s talented chefs.

But while Placencia Village is a charming little town in its own right, it’s also a gateway to a world of natural beauty. There’s no better launching point for exploring the Belize Great Barrier Reef. Whether you’re looking to venture out onto the calm waters to haul in a big catch or get more up close and personal with the local fauna by way of a snorkeling or scuba expedition, there are plenty of charter groups in Placencia Village that will be eager to help make your dreams come true. And that holds true for Belize’s rainforests as well. You can go venturing out into the jungle with a tour group on a simple day trip. However, there’s no better way to explore Placencia than via nearby Ray Caye, a private island resort located off the coast of the peninsula. You’ll get easy access to the village itself while having access to your own remote wonderland with staff ready to heed your beck and call.



How long is the boat transfer to Ray Caye?
The boat ride from Placencia to Ray Caye is about one hour.
In the event to an emergency is there a way of contacting a guest on the island?
Yes, there is a fixed cell line available for emergencies +(501) 5222346. Guest are also allowed to make direct calls using this line; however calls are timed and billed to their check out invoice. In the event you are unable to reach the island you can call the main office at (501) 523-3337.
What time is the boat transfer?
The boat runs only once per day and leaves Placencia latest at 3pm or whenever all guests for the day arrives. It departs the island usually in the morning depending on our guests’ flight time on that day.
How do I get from Belize City to Placencia?
The fastest way to Placencia from Belize City is by domestic flight, which takes about 45 minutes. We can arrange your domestic flights for you which are currently USD 274.00 per person (roundtrip). You can also arrange a land transfer to Placencia which takes about 3.5 hours with prices ranging from USD 75.00 - USD 95.00 per person, depending on the tour operator.
How do I get to the mainland office while driving?
The Ray Caye Mainland Office is located at The Wild Orchid Marina, Placencia Road. It's just minutes north the Placencia Airport. Here's a google maps link: If you require further directions please call 523-3337.
What all meals are included in the packages?
The meal plan includes breakfast, lunch and a 3-course dinner.
Are drinks included in the package?
No, our packages don't include beverages except for morning coffee/tea and table water; however, we now have a new Drinks Add-on for US$80 per person/per night. Drinks included are: soft drinks, local beers and local rum drinks (wine and imported liquors are not included)
Can we bring our own alcohol to the island?
The bar at the Lionfish Grill is full service and is open all day long. We do not encourage our guests to bring their own alcohol with them to the island and certainly not to the dining room. If a special bottle of wine or champagne is brought to the dining room, we can serve with a corkage fee of USD$7.50. Bottles of liquor (rum, vodka, whiskey) will not be served in the dining room.
What should I pack when visiting Ray Caye?
Ray Caye is casual, bring light clothes and a sweater for the evening during the winter months. A white T-shirt or a snorkeling skin is recommended for snorkeling, pack your sun lotion, sunglasses, a hat and your favorite book.
Are there sandlots or mosquitoes at the island?
Being so far from the mainland we hardly have mosquitos and we spray the island for sandflies, but you are welcome to bring along your repellent if you feel the need.
Can you fish off the island?
Yes, we have great fishing right off our docks (catch & release only). We have rods for rent and light tackle for sale, please feel free to bring along your own fishing gear. Our dive center can also arrange guided fishing trips by boat at a charge.
Can you snorkel off the island?
Yes, we have good snorkeling right off our South dock which is also illuminated at night for night snorkeling. We provide free snorkel gear for our guests. Our dive center offers daily dive and snorkel trips to other destinations at a charge as well.
Does Ray Caye offer Nitrox diving?
No, currently we do not offer Nitrox diving.
Can we pay with USD cash?
Yes, USD bills are accepted everywhere in Belize.
How much should I tip?
Our rates include a service charge which will be distributed among all staff. Tipping is customary in Belize and a 10-15% is considered standard. As always, tipping is at your discretion. You can leave a cash tip or tip on your credit card during checkout.
Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa or Mastercard for payment.
Are children allowed on the island?
While we welcome families at the island, the minimum age for children is 5. However, if you rent the whole island children of all ages are welcome with the group.
Is there air conditioning at Ray Caye Resort
Yes, all the rooms on the island are air conditioned and have ceiling fans.
Is there internet on the island?
Yes, Ray Caye has a solid wi-fi signal throughout the rooms and common areas on the island. While unplugging is recommended, know you'll be connected anywhere except when out on tours.

Community Involvement

We see the preservation and sustainable use of Belize’s marine environment as central to Ray Caye’s ability to provide visitors an opportunity to see much of what Belize has to offer.