Snorkel Belize's Barrier Reef

Snorkeling at Ray Caye Island Resort

Visitors to Belize have many aquatic activity choices, but when making a decision to stay at a mainland resort or literally in “the middle of the action,” wouldn’t you prefer to be pampered on a private island in the Caribbean Sea where snorkeling is just steps from your lodging? The answer is a no brainer and one that can literally make a difference between a spectacular experience and one that’s hardly memorable.

Ray Caye Resort is not just breathtakingly beautiful, but guests find snorkeling paradise literally steps from their lush accommodations. Located so close to the nearby Gladden Spit, considered the epicenter of snorkeling heaven, it takes just minutes to get there and even less time to gear up for your first or 100th dive.

Gladden Spit is the premiere snorkeling destination year-round, but between April and June, this section of the Belize Barrier Reef morphs into a destination for migratory whale sharks returning each year to feed and mate in familiar waters. You can meet these gentle giants if you choose this time of year for your snorkeling trip, but don’t be scared. These huge fish are as curious about you as you are about them.

If you consider daytime snorkeling to be fun but nothing out of the ordinary, night snorkeling should be on your radar. No boats required to indulge your fantasy. Lights at the end of the Ray Caye pier attract fish, rays, squid, turtles and more, so you just jump in and have at it.

You can also book a separate turtle snorkeling journey where divers meet Loggerheads so old, some have been swimming these waters for 150 years. Spot all types of rays when you’re submerged (hence the resort’s name) and see other aquatic creatures drawn to the chum local fishermen toss into the water while cleaning their catches.

Must you be part of an organized snorkeling expedition? Of course not. If you’re the independent sort and feel confident about your skills, you can go it alone or with a friend simply by jumping off your cabana deck into the water anytime you choose. Sound like too many snorkeling options? That’s the point!

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Snorkel Tours & Rates

When you’re staying at Ray Caye, amazing Belize snorkeling adventures are literally right outside your door. Find snorkel rates below.

Snorkeling Rates
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