Top 10 Reasons to Summer on a Belize Island This Year
Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

Top 10 Reasons to Summer on a Belize Island This Year

Mar 31, 2022
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Top 10 Reasons to Summer on a Belize Island This Year

Is it easy to find 10 reasons for spending part of your summer in Belize this year? Heck, no! There are about 100 reasons, and with each brain cell shuffle, more pop up. So, we’re doing you a favor by getting the number down to 10.

If an ordinary tropical vacation just won’t do, we’d like to let you in on the biggest reason of all to come to Belize this summer: You can stay at the private Ray Caye Island Resort where your list of reasons to summer in Belize will multiply like crazy from the moment you arrive.

1. Your brain gets a rest because you don’t have to figure out what Belizeans are saying to you. They all speak English and with so few guests on the island at any time, you can expect world-class personalized service.

2. No need to endure long flights, weary traveler. The plane ride to Belize is so short, the boat ride to the island may take longer. With every water splash en route to Ray Caye, you wind down as relaxation takes over.

3. Every precaution under the sun will keep you safe and secure. Covid-19 protocols remain in place just as they have since the pandemic began. Further, mandatory health insurance offers you peace of mind and costs just $18 USD.

Belize Summer Vacations

4. Since Ray Caye Island Resort is just off the Placencia peninsula coastline, you gain access to the best beaches in Belize in addition to those on the island. If you crave solitude, you can roam the island’s periphery and not run into a soul.

5. Meals and amenities on Ray Caye belie the island’s size! From gourmet dining to complimentary paddleboards, a catamaran, kayaks, swimming pool, beach volleyball set up, wellness center, and spa, you can stay as active and pampered as you wish.

Best Place to stay in Belize this summer

6. Visitors eager to dive into other aquatic activities can book fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and other types of aquatic pursuits depicted here: Like what you see?

7. Ray Caye’s Belize vacation packages capture the hearts of guests who want it all but don’t want to keep tabs on every detail of their stay. Choose the one that calls to you, turn off your brain, and enjoy!

8. Glimpse luxe Raye Caye Island Resort ocean view accommodations to figure out which breathtaking choice best suits your lifestyle.

9. You’ll be a short boat ride away from Belize’s barrier reef, teeming jungles, exotic wildlife, ancient Mayan cities, and caves by headquartering on Ray Caye. Your itinerary will be the ultimate collaboration with staff so you don’t miss a thing.

10. Adopting the island’s beach vibe will change the way you feel about yourself and the world. Leave headlines, strife, and stress behind and your cares will vanish on an island that is guaranteed to lower your blood pressure and kick start your endorphins.

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From ocean breezes to lullabies provided by waves washing ashore just steps from your lodging, expect your mind and body to achieve a state of bliss that is the best reason of all to vacation on this Belize island this summer!

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