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Looking For Your Next Vacation Destination? Here Is Why You Should Choose Belize

Sep 6, 2021
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Looking For Your Next Vacation Destination? Here Is Why You Should Choose Belize

“There is no reason to believe that Belize is cursed by its smallness,” wrote economist Francisco Carniero when he authored a blog post for the World Bank. Tourists agree. The pace at which visitors can travel between sites and attractions saves huge amounts of time, especially for those whose vacation time is short. Whether this is to be your first or 10th Belize visit, there are plenty of reasons to choose this destination and our list barely cracks the surface.

Reason #1: Don’t discount the importance of being able to escape to a destination that’s filled with fun things to do that won’t require you to master a second language. Surrounded by Spanish speakers, Belize’s history includes British colonization which is why English continues to be the nation’s first language.

Reason #2:
Opportunities to scuba dive, kayak, sail, fish, and deep-sea dive near the Belize Barrier Reef are endless. You could travel to and from Australia to enjoy a similar experience, but it takes days to recover from jet lag and costs a bundle. Instead, fly just a couple of hours to behold a natural wonder close to home instead.

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Reason #3: The people are amazing. You won’t have to put up with smirks and jokes about clueless travelers because Belizeans of all walks of life love visitors. You’ll notice the difference the minute you arrive. Share your travel experiences and jokes with the people you meet and wait until you see how helpful they are.

Reason #4: Vacation on an island without having to liquidate your grandkids’ college funds. Book a stay at Ray Caye Island Resort, take advantage of the island’s all-inclusive rates and not only can you find out how the rich and famous vacation, but you won’t return home to a mailbox that is filled with bills.

The reasons just keep coming

Because Ray Caye has been designed to ensure the peace, privacy and enjoyment of every guest, the amount of safety, security, and amenities to which you are treated can only be described as exceptional. Cut off from the hustle and bustle of civilization and sequestered on an atoll that showcases Mother Nature’s best handiwork, fall in love with lavish accommodations, palate-pleasing cuisine and amenities that include Ray Caye’s aquatic toys.

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If you have held a life-long desire to pilot a catamaran, there’s one on site that’s just for guest use. Prefer something smaller? Borrow a paddle board, kayak, or devote your time to the resort’s refreshing pool and saltwater slide. Want more exercise? Rent a scuba scooter or jet ski. Here’s the best part: everything about your stay is bundled so you pay one price for the entirety of your stay. On an island, you ask? Believe it.

When you’re not in the water, start a game of sand volleyball, one of the most exciting competitive events at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics! End every day at the wellness center or choose from several island locations set aside just for spa services. Suffice to say, you won’t find a place this small, intimate, and filled with perks this close to the U.S., so why not come down if only to add your own reasons to vacation in Belize?