These 7 Belize Barrier Reef Tours are Calling Your Name!

Jan 7, 2024
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These 7 Belize Barrier Reef Tours are Calling Your Name!

Leave it to English language speakers to come up with colloquial expressions that have nothing to with the words themselves! Consider the 19th-century saying, “Fish or cut bait.” This popular colloquialism has nothing to do with folks engaged in fishing. According to linguists, the phrase means “Stop talking about what you’re going to do and just do it!”

Have you repeatedly said, “As soon as this is over, I’m going to stop talking about a Caribbean vacation and take one?” Well, procrastinator, the time has come. And since you’ve waited this long, no ordinary holiday will do. You deserve nothing less than a Belize barrier reef experience where every aquatic activity you crave awaits.

Where to make good on your promise to yourself

Start by booking a stay on an island off the Belize mainland so you’re close to the second longest barrier reef in the world at Ray Caye Island Resort. Turn your luxury digs at this island resort into a marine adventure by taking advantage of as many tours offered by the resort as your time and energy allow! These 7 tours give you a sampling of what awaits courtesy of the resort’s licensed, professional guides:

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1. Dive at Pompion Canyons. Don’t expect to see an undersea version of The Grand Canyon. This dive site is composed of grooves in towers of coral where currents will dictate your direction as you search for marine life.

2. Dive at The Wreck. A 90-foot tug, Miss Panda, was sunk on purpose to morph the 90-foot-long vessel into a reef. Divers may encounter everything from shy Silver-sides to Barracuda and Goliath Grouper!

3. Dive Gladden Spit and the Silk Cayes Marine Reserve where you’ll run into more than 25 fish species who call these spectacular coral formations home.

4. Dive at North Wall. Start your dive at 80-feet and progress to 40-feet where you can “climb” to the crest of the ridge. Keep an eye out for Reef and/or Whale Sharks since they hang out here, too.

5. Snorkel at Turtle Alley. Loggerheads hang out at depths of between 8- and 12-feet, but a little respect, please! Some of these dudes may have enjoyed 150 birthdays. These creatures share space with rays and other marine species attracted by chum thrown into the water by fishermen.

6. Night Snorkel off the resort’s pier. The South Dock is a nocturnal gathering place for spotted eagle rays, squid, octopus and fish, lured by the deck’s blue lights. If you crave a heart-pounding experience, jump into the water and join the party.

7. Go Fly Fishing. Simplify your vacation by opting for the Ray Caye fishing package that includes three full days of unmitigated fishing joy without worrying about meals, amenities and lush lodgings. Everything’s included for one price.

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Are there more than 7 adventures to be had?

What do you think? The island may be tiny, but the activities, gourmet meals at the award-winning Lionfish Grill, gorgeous accommodations and plentiful amenities belie the resort’s size. Guests are the beneficiaries.

Start your journey by visiting the resort’s gallery for a taste of what to expect during your stay – both on and off the island. Then check your calendar and browse airline flights now that normal service to Belize has resumed.

It’s time to fish and cut bait, especially since the island’s size constrains the number of guests that can be accommodated at any given time to a select few, so act now. An opportunity to be surrounded by the Caribbean Sea for the entirety of your stay may not come along again any time soon!

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