Booking Your Belize Island Vacation Early Is Best—5 Reasons Why
Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

Booking Your Belize Island Vacation Early Is Best—5 Reasons Why

Jun 14, 2022
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Booking Your Belize Island Vacation Early Is Best—5 Reasons Why

If you’ve ever dreamed of retreating to an island paradise, there’s no option better than Ray Caye Island Resort. It’s the perfect retreat in the Caribbean Sea — offering nearly a mile of private beach while putting both the Belize Barrier Reef and social hubs like the Placencia Peninsula right in reach. But there are plenty of reasons why you should plan your trip far in advance.

Your Pick of Accommodations

Ray Caye’s rooms and exclusivity is part of its appeal, but that also means that the rooms available to you can become significantly more limited the longer you wait. If you want the option to pick between the honeymoon suite, an entire villa on the island, or a more modest cabana, planning in advance will ensure that you can get access the the room that suits your demands.

Belize Island Accommodations

Significant Savings

Whether you’re talking about hotels, tour companies, or airlines, almost any business would prefer the promise of a customer in the future rather than the possibility of a customer — and they’re willing to pay for that. Whether it comes in the form of discounted rates or free perks, you can dramatically increase your savings when you exercise a little foresight.

More Time For Planning

There’s a lot to do in and around Ray Caye. The Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest landmark of its type in the world, and the surrounding Caribbean is home to hundreds of islands and a generous variety of world-class dive sites. That’s not even taking into consideration the culture, natural sites, and adventures that you can find journeying to the mainland. Planning in advance lets you fully evaluate how you want to spend your vacation, but you can also count on the friendly staff at Ray Caye to assist you with a variety of different packages and tours.

Belize Dive Package

Enough Time to Convince Family and Friends

A private island doesn’t have to feel lonely wen you have loved ones around you. Whether you’re considering popping the question to that special someone or looking for an excuse to get the whole family together, planning your trip in advance will give the people you love the chance to join in. And with enough people, you can even rent out the entire resort for yourselves.

Kick Back and Relax

The best part about planning your trip in advance is that you can spend the rest of your time looking forward to your trip instead of fussing over the details. Planning isn’t difficult with the helpful staff at Ray Caye Island Resort, and we can make sure that you’re all set up so that you can enjoy this beautiful private island in the manner you deserve to enjoy it.

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