Rent Your Own Private Island in Belize | Private Island in Belize
Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

Rent the Entire Island of Ray Caye

Rent the Whole Island


Perhaps you’ve thought about it but dismissed it as a flight of fancy because the idea of renting an entire island seemed too far outside the realm of possibilities. Time to dismiss that thought. Ray Caye hosts guests year-round at rates that are surprisingly affordable.

Whether you are looking for a romantic island on which to stage your wedding, your family seeks a reunion destination that’s far from the ordinary or you’ve got a group of good friends eager to find out what it would be like to vacation together, Ray Caye stands ready to give your travel party the experience they’ll never forget. For a surprisingly reasonable per night, per person charge, guests can be treated to everything that makes a private island rental idyllic: a full-service restaurant and bar, a library of non-motorized water toys, the availability of add-on adventure tours and other amenities you require for the ultimate island experience. The maximum capacity of our island is 50 guests.

Book the island using several options available, one of which closes the island to other travelers for the duration of your group’s visit, or if your group isn’t that large, consider a half-island rental where you can still capitalize on special rates. But, most importantly, stop thinking that an island vacation is out of reach. Contact us now and we promise to show you that nothing could be further from the truth. See Breakdown Below:

  • Oceanfront Villa 1 – King bed or 2 twins
  • Oceanfront Villa 2 – King bed or 2 twins
  • Oceanfront Villa 3 – King bed with kitchen and plunge pool
  • Oceanfront Cabana 4 – King Bed
  • Oceanfront Cabana 5 – King Bed
  • Oceanfront Cabana 6 – Two Queen Beds
  • Oceanfront Cabana 7 – King Bed
  • Oceanfront Cabana 8 – Two Queen Beds
  • Oceanfront Cabana 9 – King Bed
  • Oceanfront Villa 10 – King Bed or 2 twins
  • Oceanfront Villa 11 – King Bed or 2 Twin Beds
  • Oceanfront Villa 12 – King Bed with kitchen and plunge pool
  • Ocean View Island Room 13 – King Bed
  • Ocean View Island Room 14 – King Bed
  • Ocean View Island Room 15 – King bed or 2 Twin Beds
  • Garden View Island Room 16 – King Bed
  • Garden View Island Room 17 – King bed or 2 Twin Beds
  • Garden View Island Room 18 – King Bed
  • Oceanfront Honeymoon Suite 19 – King Bed with plunge pool and mini-fridge
  • Oceanfront Honeymoon Suite 20 – King Bed with plunge pool and mini-fridge

*Units 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 12 have space for either a twin bed or roll-away for an additional person. Some villas and cabanas have adjoining doors, if this is something you require for your booking, please let us know in advance.

Also if you’re not interested in renting the full island, we have great booking options to rent half the island – click here to contact us for more information.


20 rooms, 3 nights, 40 guests for USD 505.00 p.p./per night.
Any additional night is USD 450.00 p.p.


US$9,000 per night + service charge + hotel tax Renting all 20 Rooms, the island will be closed for visitors, you have Ray Caye for the exclusive use of your party. Mooring and docking is only allowed for vessels in distress.

Boat transfer to and from Ray Caye Resort is US$80.00 per person (roundtrip)

Seasonal or premium menu items may be offered for dinner that are outside of the Ray Caye meal plan. This may require an additional charge if you chose these items.  Your host will notify you of these options if they are available in advance of ordering.

Meals – US$100 per person/per night Breakfast, one lunch menu item and a choice of gelato, and 3-course dinner – no beverage except for morning coffee/tea are included or you can have all meals a la carte at our restaurant

Drinks – US$80 per person/per night Soft drinks, local beers and local rum drinks (wine, imported liquors and drink specials are not included)

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