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The Best Time to Visit Belize: A Season-by-Season Breakdown

Aug 2, 2021
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The Best Time to Visit Belize: A Season-by-Season Breakdown

You don’t have to have memorized the Bible to recognize the passage from Ecclesiastes 3: “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Given this sentiment, the fact that summer is waning as fall nears shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you’re vacation-ready and fearful that you’ve missed your summer holiday window, take a deep breath. It’s always vacation season in the nation of Belize!

Summer in Belize

‘Tis the season to save money, eat lobster and enjoy the absence of crowds. Belize summers are often cooler than temperatures people in the southern U.S. experience since average daytime temperatures in the 90s don’t hold a candle to 116-degree days in the southwest U.S. where 90-degrees F may feel like a cold wave.

Stop thinking about temperatures if you vacation in Belize over the summer because there’s too much to do to worry about heat. From fiestas, fairs and festivals celebrating the wonders of mangos, cashew nuts and lobsters, why not celebrate North American summer holidays lying on a Belize beach with an Belikin in hand?

When to go to Belize

Fall in Belize

While your summer clothing has yet to be packed away, head for Belize where the fall months are filled with so many occasions you’ll have to pick and choose and since crowds have yet to arrive, you can count on low season rates during your stay, too. Pack a poncho to prepare for intermittent showers that won’t put a dent in your itinerary.

Even rain doesn’t stop Belize from staging grand celebrations marking the nation’s Independence Day, Belize City’s Carnival Road March, Orange Walk Carnival, Battle of St. George’s Caye festivities, Belize Birding Festival, Garifuna Settlement Day and so much more. Fall in Belize offers something for every tourist to love, so assign someone else the task of leaf blowing your yard.

Winter in Belize …

Best Time to Visit Belize

…is nothing short of heaven on Earth, say visitors who sorely missed their winter sojourns during the worst of the Covid pandemic. Temperatures average 68-degrees F at night and 84-degrees F by day. While high season tends to elevate prices, that may not be of concern once you see how much there is to see and do during this season.

Tour rainforests, explore the nation’s parks, animal sanctuaries, Maya temples and cities and the caves used to perform ancient Maya rituals. Learn to drum Garifuna style, take a culinary tour of the nation’s eclectic food scene and celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s during your time in Belize.

Spring in Belize

Depending upon the year, you could spend Easter in Belize where both secular pageantry and religious rites are so deeply engrained in the nation’s culture, the holiday sprawls across 4 days. Add Belize Labor Day and Commonwealth Day to the list of reasons spring in Belize is a fabulous time to visit.

Since the nation’s dry season launches in spring, fill your itinerary with adventures that include diving with whale sharks. These sharks look menacing, but they’re so gentle, visitors dive with them and find them playful, especially when they learn that tiny eggs and krill are favorite foods, so they have no interest in dining on divers.

The Belize island resort for all seasons

Belize Seasons

See it all or do nothing but veg out on a small private island that promises an absence of crowds, gourmet dining, lush accommodations and amenities usually found at world-class properties catering to hundreds of guests. Ray Caye Island Resort is as much a state of mind as a destination and once you see the way lodgings are built around the island’s periphery, you’ll marvel at the privacy every guest enjoys.

Open for business year-round, guests enjoy ultimate holiday experiences that include surprising extras: A welcome center, dive shop, spa, wellness center, boutique and all of the privacy they crave. You will enjoy blissful intimacy, solitude, impeccable service, tours, and island activities that belie the size of this idyllic resort. Seasons may come and go, but Ray Caye stands ready to deliver an extraordinary holiday, no matter when you plan to travel!