Whale Shark Diving

There is no better time or place to get your fill of  diving with these gentle giants than on Ray Caye diving holiday.

Does it matter when you visit these magnificent creatures?

It does. Between the months of April and June every year, whale sharks instinctively migrate to Gladden Spit and the Silk Cayes Marine Reserve to repeat the same feeding and mating cycle they have engaged in since the beginning of time.

Feasting on the spawn of Mutton and Cuberra snapper, their presence is as reassuring and magnificent as anything you can imagine. Don’t be surprised if you get the urge to pinch yourself. Plenty of divers do just that. The best time to see whale sharks is perhaps 4 to 5 days after full moons during that time period.

Despite their size, it takes just minutes to feel comfortable in their presence and since you will take your cues from Ray Caye dive instructors, you will quickly forget that whale sharks are one of the biggest creatures in the Caribbean Sea.

Whale shark tours are only offered when there are reported sightings in the area, but of course, you can’t begin your personal journey until you book your trip. By April, spring is in the air and seasonal rates are beginning to drop as snowbirds return home. Sound idyllic? That word doesn’t begin to describe how you will feel in the presence of a creature equal to the size of a school bus.

Whale Shark Dive includes:

  • Professional Scuba guides and gear
  • Scuba diving tailored to your needs
  • Professional crew trained in CPR/First Aid
  • Lunch and refreshments
Whale Shark Rates
$ 193.75
$ 238.75
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