8 Reasons Why Travel (Especially to Belize) is Good for Your Health

Apr 24, 2022
1 min read
8 Reasons Why Travel (Especially to Belize) is Good for Your Health

For students at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), a state known for having frigid temperatures, studying the topic of how beaches can help people improve their health was a labor of love – and perhaps wishful thinking as blizzards raged outside!

Must you return to school to learn these tips? Not if you head for Belize where temperatures are warm and Belizeans are warmer. Make that beach a circular one on a lush island off the coast. Ray Caye Island Resort has everything you need to improve your health, and these are just a few ways you’ll benefit.

1. Students found that simply arriving at the beach decreased stress immediately thanks to the sound of the waves and the sun’s warmth. Even the feel of sand beneath feet contributes to anxiety and stress reduction.

2. You’ll sleep better. Once you eliminate stress, the leading factor in sleep disorders, you’ll find yourself sleeping like a baby.

3. Skin absorbs Vitamin D more thoroughly on a beach. Researchers found that nobody needs to risk sunburn to get these benefits: 10 minutes of the sun gives the body “an entire day’s worth of vitamin D!”

4. Even if you’re sedentary, you couldn’t avoid exercise if you tried. Whether you swim, wade into waves, or stroll the water’s edge, you’ll burn calories effortlessly.

Best Islands to visit in Belize

5. Forget expensive skin products. The ocean does the job for free. Saltwater detoxifies pores and the iodine in ocean water can destroy bacteria that trigger blemishes.

6. The beach is designated a “blue space” with the ability to boost overall health. Getting into the water prompts relaxation that triggers “surf therapy,” proven to increase mindfulness in humans.

7. Beaches even out mood swings in people who tend to feel unhappy and isolated. A 20-minute walk along the shoreline can be a mood-changer.

8. Some people feel a sense of safety on beaches. Scientists believe that an absence of devices and “being more present in nature” triggers calmness and tranquility not present when people are fearful.

All Inclusive Belize

Raye Caye Resort happens to be good for your health, too! This small island offers guests a huge boost of personalized service, delicious meals, lodgings that are so restorative, that it can be hard to leave your accommodations, and an absence of crowds is a perk you might not have experienced in years. Further, the spa and wellness center offers additional health benefits.

Belize vacation packages bundle everything you need and want so you can focus on the activities you crave: fishing, diving, swimming, snorkeling and so much more. The short video on this Ray Caye web page tells you all you need to know about the activities that await your arrival.

You don’t need scientists to tell you that a warm, relaxing getaway on a small island where big opportunities to restore your sense of well-being are just what the doctor ordered. From the moment you step foot on the island, you’ll discover that these eight reasons are just the beginning of your recovery journey.

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