Why Now Is The Time To Book A Trip to Belize

Aug 22, 2023
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Why Now Is The Time To Book A Trip to Belize

It’s hard to pick a bad time to visit Belize. Since it’s located directly on the Equator, the country experiences beautifully warm subtropical temperatures all throughout the year — and that positioning had an impact to play on both the beautiful Belize Barrier Reef in the Caribbean Sea and the lush jungles of the west’s Cayo District. If you’ve ever considered visiting Belize, now is the perfect time.

The Weather and Climate Are Perfect

Winter is the dry season for Belize. Rain is rare — and when it does fall, it tends to happen late at night or early in the morning. That allows it to help disperse the heat throughout the day while preventing things from becoming too humid. And you can reliably count on the temperatures to fall between the mid-70s and mid-80s throughout the season. Whether you’re looking to hike through the jungle or go snorkeling along the Belize Barrier Reef, there are no conditions better suited to vacation than those in a Belizean winter. And there’s no better place than Ray Caye Island Resort off the coast of the Placencia Peninsula. This private island helps you truly feel like you’re immersed in paradise no matter when you choose to visit.

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It’s One of the Safest Choices Around

While the seriousness of the crisis has fluctuated since it first struck, there’s no doubt that COVID-19 continues to be a factor when most of us consider taking a trip. But Belize has consistently followed sensible responses to any change in pandemic conditions. Thanks to a new certification program and a system known as the Tourism Safe Corridor, approved Belize resorts are equipped to keep you safe throughout your vacation without sacrificing modern amenities and conveniences in the process. And the systems in place to make sure that everyone is free of infection are both effective at reducing disease and minimal in the burden they put on travelers. Ray Caye has been certified as a Gold Standard Belize Resort by the Belize Tourism Board.

Belize Travel
It’s More Accessible Than Ever

Belize is positioned just south of the Mexican border, and it’s ideally located for travelers coming from throughout North America. And since we’re right in the middle of Belize’s tourism season, there are more flights available than at any other time of the year. Four new airlines have actually just added direct routes to Belize, and there are over a dozen American cities that can fly you in to this Caribbean country. A flight from Florida can even have you touching down in less than three hours. Ray Caye Island Resort can be reached from the popular coastal tourist hub of Placencia Village, making it one of the most accessible paradises around.

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