5 Reasons to Travel in Winter – And Where to Go

Jan 2, 2024
1 min read
5 Reasons to Travel in Winter – And Where to Go

Just because the holidays are coming around doesn’t mean that you need to stay close to home. There’s a whole wide world to be explored, and you don’t need to restrict yourself solely to vacationing during the summer months. Here’s why you should choose the winter to travel and why Belize offers the best of everything.

1. It’s Always Summer Somewhere

Just because it’s December somewhere doesn’t mean that it’s snowing all over the globe. In the Southern Hemisphere, the typical four seasons are reversed to opposing months — and for countries in the Caribbean and Central America which are positioned close to the Equator, summer essentially runs all year long.

2. It’s An Opportunity to Build New Traditions

Traditions help us find a sense of continuity with our pasts, but creating new traditions is key to blazing your own future. If you’re caught in the same dull rhythm of holiday family gatherings or you’ve found yourself adrift after a move away from your family, Belize is a great way to establish some new ones. And since Belize was colonized by the English, visitors who celebrate Christmas can expect some comforting traditions to lean on as well.

3. It Can Bring Your Family Closer Together

Winter is often an excuse to bundle up indoors and spend more time with the people you love — but the logistics of coordinating these kinds of gatherings can be incredibly stressful. Fortunately, modern travel has made most corners of the world more accessible than ever before. The path to paradise and back is cheap and easy, and the whole family can enjoy this whole new approach to winter.

Reasons to Visit Belize During Winter

4. It’s a Sensible Choice for Relieving Holiday Stress

Seasonal depression is unfortunately all too common during the darker months of winter, and it’s compounded by stress from work and personal relationships. If you find yourself feeling the cold of winter in your bones, you might as well get a reboot. A prescription of tropical sunlight and a dip in the Caribbean’s cool blue waters could be just what you need.

5. It’s Within Your Reach

The eco-tourism industry in Belize is strong, and the U.S. dollar goes a long way. Despite winter falling squarely into the high season for tourism, it’s still an incredibly viable time to visit. And if you decide you want to stay away from crowded destinations like Ambergris Caye, there are some truly stunning options available. The private island of Ray Caye stands out in particular. Whether you’re looking to rent the entire island for your family or simply sneak away with that special someone for a weekend of solitude, you can count on this winter holiday to be like none you’ve ever experienced before.

Escape Winter and Vacation in Tropical Belize

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