Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

Essential Tips for Your Belize Island Vacation

Oct 21, 2021
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Essential Tips for Your Belize Island Vacation

If in your opinion, lugging heavy suitcases through long airport terminals is the worst aspect of travel, you may wish to do a happy dance once you check out our recommended list of items to pack for your upcoming Belize vacation at Ray Caye Island Resort. You won’t need much in your luggage to have the time of your life, but who doesn’t love a packing list?

9 Things to pack for your island stay

1. A water-resistant duffle bag that offers lots of room for all of your stuff.
2. An electronic device that plays music, movies, and/or audiobooks.
3. Pack flip-flops and appropriate shoes if you intend to take adventurous tours.
4. Bring shorts, swimsuits, sun hat, sunglasses, t-shirts, and undergarments.
5. Include sunscreen, aloe, bug spray, lip balm, your meds, and toiletries.
6. A backup phone charger and waterproof watch could come in handy.
7. Include mask and fins if you prefer not to rent dive/snorkeling gear.
8. Plastic bags are lifesavers for stowing wet swimsuits and protecting your phone.
9. Insurance: Both travel insurance and a rain poncho cover all of your bases!

Belize Island Vacation
Getting to Belize and to Ray Caye Island

Running the arrival gauntlet at Belize’s airport is easiest when you have everything needed for quick processing at the ready: Passport, proof of Covid vaccinations, or negative test results plus additional ID (e.g., driver’s license). If your Ray Caye hosts stipulated additional documentation when you booked, don’t forget it.

No language apps needed since English is the first language of Belize and you can pay for extras with U.S. dollars if you don’t want to take time to change currency (the exchange rate: BZ$2.00 = US$1.00). Bring a couple of credit/debit cards as a backup since you never know if one will be rejected, damaged, or lost.

Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about using that cash or cards during your stay if you stick to a Ray Caye Belize vacation package you choose which pre-pays everything about your stay. This includes meals, local beverages, boat transfers to and from the island, amenities, and the tours associated with the package you choose, be they aquatic, cultural, or a combination of experiences.

Belize Island Vacation Packages
How to make the most of your island adventure

Sojourning on Ray Caye island is like nothing you’ve done at resorts located on the Belize mainland. Count on all of the perks that come with exclusivity: Fewer tourists, more privacy, and exceptional customer service from staff who don’t have hordes of guests to look after.

There are few villas, suites, and rooms on the island, so privacy and intimacy are assured and unprecedented, yet everything you require will be at your fingertips, from gourmet dining at the Lionfish Grill to the resort’s spa and fitness/wellness center. There’s a dive shop onsite if you want to rent gear.

What’s missing? Just you, so keep this in mind: The island is small and accommodations are filling fast now that travel restrictions to Belize have finally been eased. Get out that bag and start packing for the Belize vacation of a lifetime on a Caribbean island that has no equal.