Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

Your Group Can Afford to Rent this Belize Private Island if You Act Fast!

Oct 11, 2021
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Your Group Can Afford to Rent this Belize Private Island if You Act Fast!

It’s been a few years since MarketWatch told readers about the wisdom of renting a private island and lots of readers were skeptical. But since then, whole-island rentals have been trending – and not just for people with titles and assets!

Groups seeking the ultimate in privacy for family reunions, girlfriend adventures and business gatherings realize that booking an island is both doable and affordable. Make that warm and wonderful destination Ray Caye Island Resort off the coastline of Belize and discover how restorative it can be for your group to escape the distractions of today’s world and create your own private universe.

Belize Island Rentals
About Ray Caye Island Resort

When Forbes magazine announced the establishment of Ray Caye Island Resort, readers were treated to the inside scoop about an island transformed and rebranded into a haven set amid 7.4 acres of Eden-like vistas in 2019. Since then, the 20-room resort offering eight oceanfront villas with private plunge pools has gotten plenty of attention from travelers seeking solitude and peace.

Amenities are first-class and include a fully equipped gym, fitness area, yoga, and massage studio offering a variety of experiences expected at luxury properties. Further enhancements included an infinity pool, dive shop, and a re-imagined full-service restaurant in addition to a long list of guest-only tours and excursions.

As the first resort in the world to install a TESLA Powerwall system operating exclusively on solar energy, folks considering the island are surprised by the affordability of rates for an island stay, but it’s the beauty and magical allure of this island paradise that attracts guests most of all.


Timing is everything if your group seeks deals

Getting buy-in from people with whom you wish to share a tropical island resort experience is the easy part. The not-so-easy part is getting everyone to agree on dates! One of the best ways to get time commitments is to contact the resort and determine availability so your group has date options.

If you can pull your trip together fast enough, you could take advantage of a current special deal that takes the work out of planning yet delivers an experience that’s sublime. For one discounted rental fee that’s $10,000 less than the regular price, your 40-person (maximum) group can be booked for three magical nights.

Rent a whole island in Belize

Everything’s included

Gourmet meals are part of the deal as are land and boat transfers, a group snorkeling tour, and the use of non-motorized water toys. Even the beach is private when you rent the entire island, so you and your party “own” the stay down to the last detail that includes a full staff ready and eager to attend to guest needs and wishes.

Keeping in mind the island’s size, book as far in advance as possible, especially since this price reduction comes with a finite timeline. Visit the website to make arrangements now. You can thank us later for letting you in on this unusual price drop and your group’s one-of-a-kind sojourn in paradise.