The Best Island To Visit In Belize This Winter
Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

The Best Island To Visit In Belize This Winter

Jan 24, 2023
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The Best Island To Visit In Belize This Winter

Scientists have identified differences between cold weather people and their warm weather cousins by grilling 2,000 people to compare the personalities of those who prefer cooler vacations versus those for whom weather can’t get warm enough! Their conclusions? Introverts prefer cool temperatures while extroverts crave time on a beach or anywhere that doesn’t require wearing a jacket or sweater.

Here’s another tidbit likely to pique your interest: Once all of these people arrive at warm destinations, they opt to stay indoors, admitting to “spending more time in their rooms…instead of being adventurous and exploring their new surroundings.” What are they up to, you wonder? They confess to spending more than six hours “having “romantic time in the room,” say survey participants. In fact, everyone survey taker insisted that they are “more romantic while on vacation.”

If you can relate to the results of this study, suggesting a private island getaway to help you escape winter blues is likely to warm you up simply by thinking about the possibilities, and there is no better place to thaw out than by choosing Belize’s Ray Caye Island Resort as your destination this winter.

Warm up inside and outside at Ray Caye

The Best Island To Visit In Belize This Winter

If the findings of the aforementioned study confirm your thoughts about the amount of private time you’d like to enjoy without being disturbed, you’ll be impressed by the choice of oceanfront accommodations designed with privacy in mind at Raye Caye Island Resort . No “do not disturb” sign required since island staff is well trained in the art of discretion. A variety of Belize vacation packages belie the island’s size, so when you’re not logging the average “six hours of romantic time” in your digs, you’ll be treated to all the trappings you expect from a world-class resort.

The Best Island To Visit In Belize
Having chosen the package that most appeals to you, onsite activities may provide all the adventure you seek while staying close to your nest, so whether you’re up for snorkeling off the resort’s pier, diving into the swimming pool, piloting a paddleboard, catamaran, or kayak, you won’t have to worry about the effect the resort’s gourmet restaurant will have on your weight! Sample the services of skilled practitioners courtesy of the wellness center and spa or go all out and book adventure tours guaranteed to thrill and delight.

Get warm and stay warm…

 The Best Island To Visit

…by choosing an island escape that caters to every person eager to trade the cold for perpetual warmth, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Who doesn’t love the idea of a warm getaway where romance heats things up even more on an island in the sun where you’ll feel obliged to send selfies to your frozen friends and family back home? Spring doesn’t arrive until March 20th, so there’s plenty of frigid weather on the horizon—and plenty of North Americans looking to escape. The island’s small. Don’t let other people seeking sun and fun beat you to the reservation you deserve!

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