Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

The Perfect Island Getaway to Escape To This Year

May 31, 2021
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The Perfect Island Getaway to Escape To This Year

How has the past year impacted the viewpoints of veteran travelers? One trend transects every demographic: Travelers are looking for authenticity. There’s plenty of speculation about why, but surveys and questionnaires conducted by research groups continue to validate this. If you agree, escaping to Belize is going to check off all the right boxes as you launch your plans for the remainder of 2021 and into 2022.

What 5 experiences do today’s post-Covid travelers want most?

-They crave cultural immersion, especially art, music, cuisine and interaction with fascinating people
-Self-discovery is an equally important goal
-Today’s traveler wants to blaze trails, undertake activities and go to places they haven’t explored in the past
-Staying active is also important, especially for adventure seekers
-Social media will continue to spread the word about uniquely authentic travel experiences!

Where to find your bliss (and more)

Private Island Belize Vacations

If you once thought that sojourning on a Caribbean Island was the stuff of romance novels and completely out of your budgetary range, Ray Caye Island, off the Belize coastline, will surprise you. Stay on the island, check off all of the 5 aforementioned criteria while engaging in dynamic aquatic activities guaranteed to keep your heart and mind engaged during your stay on this unspoiled tropical paradise.

Despite its small size, Ray Caye Island Resort offers a wealth of amenities that include a welcome center, fully-equipped dive shop that stands ready to outfit guests of all skill levels plus instructors and guides. One of the region’s best spas is located on the island, but guests who prefer facials, scrubs, massages on the pier or within the privacy of their luxury cabanas need only ask. Ray Caye’s fitness center is an impressively appointed hub that offers guests everything they need to stay in shape.

Seeing is believing

Vacation in a private island in Belize

Rather than describing Ray Caye cabanas and lodgings with a wall of words, treat your eyes to this series of YouTube videos:

Each one introduces you to luxury accommodations in addition to the Lionfish Grill, the island’s gourmet eatery. This restaurant and bar are popular, people come from the mainland by boat just to dine here. Bundle individual expenses of your stay into a Belize vacation package and leave your wallet in your room. Everything you need and want is included.

Not only will a booking at Ray Caye help you fulfill the criteria listed above during your sojourn but the resort’s impressive wealth of tour options include exploring ancient Maya ruins and caves, immersion into Belize’s many cultures, jungles, wildlife, and exciting activities like zip-lining and repelling into caves and down waterfalls.

It doesn’t get any more authentic than a stay on the island, say guests who are already making reservations. Would you like to join them? Keep this in mind: The island is tiny and only a small number of guests can be accommodated at any given time. If this sounds like the dream escape you hoped for but didn’t think existed, the time to book is now, especially if you’re a savvy planner who understands that in life, timing is everything!