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The Perfect Honeymoon — A Week’s Itinerary in Belize

Sep 23, 2021
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The Perfect Honeymoon — A Week’s Itinerary in Belize

Belize is the second smallest country in Central America, but it’s shockingly dense with things to do — and if you’re in Belize on your honeymoon, handling the logistics of maximizing your time can run contrary to the primary purpose of spending time with the person you love. Fortunately, you can get the right mix of relaxation and adventure during a week’s stay. The Maya Adventures and Caribbean Island Honeymoon package lets you explore both the beautiful beaches and the wild interior of Belize, and you don’t have to worry about anything other than simply enjoying yourself.

Itinerary Part One: Adventures in the Ancient Maya World

Chaa Creek was one of the first eco-lodges in Belize, and it still has a reputation for setting the standards of what a luxury vacation in Belize should look like. That will be readily apparent from the moment you set foot on the property to be greeted by friendly staff and a cold drink prepared just for you. The tree-top villa where you’ll be staying feels like being ensconced in a fantasy world, and you’ll share your gorgeous view of the Macal River with a wide variety of different tropical birds.

Each of your three days at Chaa Creek will be punctuated with diverse and complimentary dining — and that includes a romantic evening dinner by the poolside. But this is an experience packed with adventures as well. From horseback riding through the jungle trails to birdwatching along the Macal River to a canoe trip at sunset, these experiences perfectly align romance with adventure.

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Itinerary Part Two: Paradise on a Private Island Resort

The second half of your romantic adventure holiday will bring you to the private resort island of Ray Caye. There’s a good chance that you’ll never want to leave your room, and you don’t have to if you don’t want to. You’ll enjoy three meals a day, including extravagant three-course dinners — with one enjoyed privately on the beach. And the honeymoon suite where you’ll be staying comes with its own private dive pool.

But if you do decide you want to journey out beyond your room, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experience what the Caribbean Sea has to offer. A private snorkeling expedition allows you to swim with sea turtles, and you can venture out at your own pace and pursue your own interests. All non-motorized water toys offered by Ray Caye are free to guests of the Maya Adventures and Caribbean Island honeymoon package.

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This itinerary has been designed from the ground up to offer the most romantic and encompassing experience for guests, but it still provides you with the freedom to experience your honeymoon exactly the way you want. And the fact that it’s all-inclusive and planned for you means that you can spend more time celebrating your love and less time worrying about logistics.