Time to Reserve Your Quota of Sun on this Exotic Belize Island Resort

Aug 22, 2023
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Time to Reserve Your Quota of Sun on this Exotic Belize Island Resort

If you keep tabs on medical news that’s more about Mother Nature than it is about pharmaceuticals, you already know that it takes very little time in the sun to set things right with mind and body. According to WebMD physicians peer-reviewing a recent post, scientists are literally discovering more benefits of sunlight every day. 

With winter on the horizon, getting enough sunlight exposure daily can be a hat trick—especially if you live in a climate where temperatures drop dramatically. What will just a small amount of sunlight do for your health? Count all these as benefits from those healing rays. Some of these will surprise even avid sun worshippers.

Belize Beach Cabanas

*You’ll absorb enough natural vitamin D to sustain your health over winter and support your immune system.

*UV rays boost calcium and phosphorous that support bone and blood cell health. 

*Moderate amounts of sun during teen and young adult years can help combat nearsightedness later.

*Sun triggers serotonin, the brain chemical that enhances energy while keeping us positive, calm, and focused.

*Small doses of ultraviolet light can ease the discomfort of skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, and vitiligo.

*Surprisingly, early morning sunlight has been proven to help us fall asleep more soundly at night. 

*Filtered sunlight can combat jaundice in newborns; it’s so much more effective than artificial sunlight.

*Early-morning sun exposure can even thwart fat accumulation, making it harder to gain weight. 

Belize Beach Vacations

There are more benefits to be added, but you get the drift. If you don’t overdo it and take precautions (eye protection, broad exposure sunscreen products, and limited exposure), you’ll use the sun to your advantage. If the Caribbean is calling and learning all about these perks justifies your wish for a tropical vacation when your well-being can most benefit from sun exposure: from now through spring break. 

Come to the capital of sunshine

Florida is fine, but Belize is better! This is one intriguing nation filled with the friendliest people you’ve ever met, and it could take you less time to fly there than it would were you heading to Florida. 

Hot tourism news of late comes from an island resort that was already a popular tourist destination, and since Ray Caye Island Resort recently finished renovations to the resort’s oceanfront cabanas that turn beautiful interiors into lush environments, an impeccable, memorable stay isn’t just possible—it’s guaranteed. 

While guests peeking at these newly-refurbished digs say that it’s harder to leave their sanctuaries as a result of all of the extras that have been added, most agree that when asked to consider Ray Caye Island Resort’s Belize vacation packages, picking just one can be quite the challenge. Each one offers a unique itinerary plus the advantages you expect from a property that’s held in great respect within the Belize travel industry and with repeat travelers who wouldn’t consider staying elsewhere. 

Belize OceanFront Accommodations

No shortage of things to do if you love staying busy

Having chosen a property that offers maximum peace, tranquility, and every health benefit listed above, your getaway includes amenities that belie the island’s small size. Borrow a paddle board. Sail a Hobi Catamaran or stay fit courtesy of a Ray Caye kayak when you’re not floating around in the resort’s pool. 

Rent a scuba scooter or identify a place on the island for spa services delivered to you. As temperatures cool down, reservations heat up. Don’t let someone else get your quota of sunshine. Check stay availability now, so you’re not left out in the cold.

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