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The Best Destination for a Digital Detox? An Island in Belize

Apr 14, 2021
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The Best Destination for a Digital Detox? An Island in Belize

Given the major role digital devices play in our lives it should come as no surprise that many of us could use a digital detox. Fess up. Are you suffering from a digital addiction? You may have to say yes if you meet these criteria:

-Every time your phone goes missing you freak out.
-You check it every few minutes.
-Too much time on social media leads to negative, angry feelings.
-You admit to spending too much reacting to social posts.
-You’re scared you’ll missing something if you turn your device off.
-You’re not getting enough sleep because you’re texting and browsing 24/7.

What’s your score?
No need to share it. Even one of these symptoms can be problematic which is why you probably need an intervention. Where to get a handle on your addiction? On a small, sumptuous island off the Belize coast where the Ray Caye Island Resort has everything, you need to recover.

Not only will you find relaxation and contemplation the old fashioned way – being in the moment; appreciating everything around you and finding contentment in simple ways – but if you stick around long enough, you can revamp your behavior courtesy of distractions that far surpass the colorful images popping up on your phone nonstop.

4 Detox rules you’ll want to try

1. As soon as you reach the island, promise to set aside one “technology-free” hour daily. Spend that hour browsing the Pirate Reef Dive Shop, getting a relaxing massage, scrub, facial or all three. Work out at the fitness center or practice yoga. No fair bringing your device to any of these awesome places. Remember your mantra: “Ohm; I’m digitally detoxing.”

best place to unplug in belize

2. Don’t call anyone unless there’s an emergency. Instead, read the book you’ve been carrying around longer than you care to admit. Importantly, no accessing news site apps. You’re detoxing from everything, remember? Follow this rule every day on the island and expect an epiphany the moment you realize how many emergencies weren’t!

3. Follow in the footsteps of the Ray Caye guest so committed to ending her digital obsession, she got into the habit of removing her device’s memory card and handing the phone to someone else. Ray Caye staff members are happy to stash it and return it to you once you return from fabulous tours to jungles, Maya ruins, and other attractions or complete the perfect diving, snorkeling, or fishing adventure.

4. Declare a hiatus from your device at mealtime. This isn’t hard when you taste the delicious meals served at the alfresco Lion Fish Bar and Grill. Award-winning meals plus heavenly libations come with every island stay, and without that device ringing constantly, you can slow down and enjoy the fresh tastes of fish and lobster caught offshore. As a bonus, your digestion will improve big time.


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Your digital detox is going to show you how to make peace with technology in an environment that’s perfectly designed to wean you wean from the constant habit of being disrupted when you should be having fun. Your mental health will improve, your stress levels dissipate and between the island air, surf, and your newfound freedom, you’re going to sleep like a baby.

Browse Belize island vacation packages to pick the one that best suits your interests, time schedule, and budget, and start packing. On average, it takes about one minute on the landing dock upon arrival at Raye Cay to realize that a digital detox is a gift you give yourself amid this secluded, upscale luxury resort where there’s so much to do, you could stick around for days without turning your device on!