Your Caribbean Honeymoon: The 3-Belize Resort Adventure Friends Will Envy
Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

Your Caribbean Honeymoon: The 3-Belize Resort Adventure Friends Will Envy

Jan 19, 2023
1 min read
Your Caribbean Honeymoon: The 3-Belize Resort Adventure Friends Will Envy

Admit it: Fanciful stories that feature swashbuckling pirates can be irresistible for hopeless romantics. Pirate lore gives us plenty of reason to reflect on these daring characters running around Caribbean waters in pursuit of damsels, gold, and booty that didn’t require these daredevils to hold 9-to-5 jobs like the rest of us.

Pirates played a huge part in the history of Belize, today’s honeymoon mecca, and while your post-wedding getaway needn’t include donning poofy shirts, eye patches, gold earrings and what one writer calls “badass boots,” you can design a honeymoon experience that gives you a grand tour of Belize’s top, award-winning resorts. Call it your pirate-style honeymoon and expect to have the time of your life.

Belize Honeymoon Resorts

This 3-in-1 adventure delivers the best of Belize

Where does your adventure as newlyweds begin? At Ray Caye Island Resort, heaven for harried couples eager to unwind from the stress of wedding preparations. The island is picture perfect and begins an aptly named three-resort journey that covers everything you could possibly need and want: Boat transfers to and from the resort, a Hollywood-worthy suite with a private plunge pool, delicious meals, an intimate dinner on the beach, turtle snorkel experience, and all the privacy newlyweds crave. If you’ve got more energy, non-motorized aquatic toys are at your disposal.

Having wound down on the island, you’ll be up for the second stop on your pirate-worthy exploration of Belize by heading for the jungle to immerse yourselves in the lush beauty of Chaa Creek Lodge where a romantic thatch-roof villa, delicious meals, horseback riding, guided birdwatching expeditions, and a soothing sunset canoe tour make the ideal precursor to saying yes to a relaxing couple’s massage.

Belize Honeymoons

Because no pirates worth their salt were content to put into just one port when three landings were possible, a stay at Chabil Mar, the third award-winning resort in this package, is guaranteed to add to your honeymoon fun and memories. Chabil Mar’s location on the Placencia peninsula is so exceptional, you won’t want to miss this sneak preview of what you can expect at your final destination.

Why three instead of just one?

There’s a strong relationship between travel and happiness, and when variety is the third element in an equation, research shows that couples grow closer by sharing new and diverse experiences together. By choosing a honeymoon that gives both of you three times the exposure to Belize’s natural resources, not only will you find pleasure in different ways, but you’ll enjoy an extra boost of togetherness, too.

Belize Honeymoon Adventure

There’s a reason pirates didn’t stick around one port. There were new places to see, new people to meet, and new adventures to be had that couldn’t have been possible by staying at one location. Need more incentives? Couples eager to explore variety together tend to stay committed longer, and when that grand adventure begins with a three-award-winning property honeymoon, your marriage couldn’t get off to a better start!

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