Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

The Bucket List Family shows how delightful Ray Caye Island Resort is

Oct 21, 2021
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The Bucket List Family shows how delightful Ray Caye Island Resort is

As the pandemic wanes, people are once again traveling. For singles, married couples, and groups of friends, there are many travel options. For families with young children, however, the options might be more limited. Fortunately, if you’ve dreamed of going with your family to a tropical paradise, Belize provides the perfect destination in Placencia.

What started off as a humble fishing village in the 1800s has, over time, become a tourist attraction for travelers to Belize looking for a more laid-back adventure. This makes Placencia the perfect place for a family trip. The area is laid back enough that you’ll be able to put your children to bed and then meet up with friends on your balcony for a nightcap. Unlike the busy streets of San Pedro, Placencia won’t keep you up all night.

One of the most delightful places to stay near Placencia is the private island resort of Ray Caye.



It is a charming private island resort where visitors are thoroughly pampered. This makes it perfect for families that want to vacation together – the staff and experts at Ray Caye can help guide families to the adventures that would most suit them.

For example, scuba diving is superb in the Belizean Barrier Reef, which is only a short boat ride from Ray Caye. There are an incredible variety of diving experiences for visitors to try, ranging from floating on currents at 20-30 feet, where visibility is great and the ocean is full of colored fish. There are also areas that provide more challenging dives, including the ultimate attraction in this area – the Great Blue Hole, which was made famous by Jacques Cousteau.

For those who are not up for scuba diving, free snorkeling gear is available. So are free paddleboards, if you’d like to explore around the island, and free kayaks and a catamaran. You can also challenge your family to play a game of beachfront volleyball!

This video of the Bucket List studio team gives a lovely example of the type of fun-filled vacation you can have on Ray Caye.

What if your spouse is fascinated by Maya ruins and wants to climb a pyramid? What if your teenager wants to go zip lining in the rainforest and your youngest wants to visit a nature preserve? Fortunately, Placencia is close enough to the mainland that it makes it easy to set up day trips to explore these and many other options.

Still not sure about booking a trip to paradise? Talk to your family, watch the video, and ask yourself – what kind of amazing memories would your family build on a Belize vacation to Ray Caye? Soon you will be in Belize, enjoying the warm sun and soft tropical breezes.