Five Reasons to Get Married... at the Beach in Belize!
Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

Five Reasons to Get Married… at the Beach in Belize!

Oct 21, 2021
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Five Reasons to Get Married… at the Beach in Belize!

If you are looking to get married, the venue has got to be one of your first concerns. While it is never easy to settle in one place, the first factor is whether you want a formal or casual ceremony. If you are not too keen on an extremely formal affair and would like to be wed in a warmer clime, you will be hard-pressed to find a better option than a beach-side wedding in Belize. For a better idea of why you should get married in Belize, on its beaches, keep reading.

1. Two Words: “Destination Wedding”

Unless you happen to live along a picturesque coastline, a beach wedding is bound to be a destination. This means that you and your beloved can say your vows amid the sands and swaying palms while your friends and family get to enjoy a vacation.

2. You Can Double Dip For the Honeymoon

Since you already figured out the perfect beach spot for your wedding, why go somewhere else for the honeymoon? Just book a honeymoon suite and you can easily flow right into enjoying the honeymoon without needing to pack.

3. Belize Wedding Packages Can Be All-Inclusive

When booking with a private island Belize resort, you have a good chance that you can cover your entire wedding package. That means that your food, flowers, music, cosmetics, and everything else needed for the big event is covered, which means less stress and more time on the beach for you and your spouse.

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4. It Is The Perfect Spot for an Intimate Wedding

Destination weddings tend to be smaller affairs if only because the logistics limit the number of people that can take the time off and book the trip. For any couple seeking a small wedding without hurting people’s feelings by omitting them from the guest list, beach weddings are amazing. Furthermore, the guests that can make it will feel all the more special for being privy to such a vital event. Consider this a chance to treat everyone like they are coming to a private awards ceremony, complete with lovely goody bags for all guests in attendance.

5. Beach Weddings Are Great for Laid-Back Couples

Stress is one of the last things you will be wrestling with when you have briny waves lapping at your toes. Brides can go without shoes and grooms can ditch the bow tie. Even your guests can relax and discard their flip-flops to get some golden or sugar-white sands between their toes. Furthermore, your wonderful wedding ceremony can be capped off with an amazing outdoor reception complete with tropical drinks and a bit of limbo to Caribbean beats.

If you are at all sold on having your ceremony along a beach in Belize, there are few venues better suited to such dreams than Ray Caye Island Resort. Not only is it a stellar place for a wedding, but our Belize wedding package is amazing.