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Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

Why Purposeful Travel Will Re-Define Post-Corona Belize Vacations

May 18, 2020
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Why Purposeful Travel Will Re-Define Post-Corona Belize Vacations

Need an excuse to take the Caribbean vacation that is fun, restorative, and meaningful once the practice of Covid-19 becomes a memory of the recent past? It’s not too early to start planning. Just thinking of an opportunity to bask in the sun, visit fascinating attractions, and feel the ambiance of a carefree frolic in the surf adjacent to a gorgeous beach is enough to trigger hope. There is power in booking a future holiday abroad, notes CNTraveler.com sustainable luxury travel writer Juliet Kinsmen.

Where to travel that won’t require you to spend a fortune? Belize, of course. It has become the favored destination of people from around the world. Thanks to English being universally spoken, convenient proximity to the U.S. (reaching Belize takes as few as two hours), and the nation is packed with historical, archaeological, and tropical wonders, not the least of which is the Belize Barrier Reef.

You relax. A nation recovers, too!

Planning your visit to Belize comes with a bonus you may not have thought about. A vacation in Belize can help heal a nation’s hard-hit by travel bans, social distancing, and the lifestyle changes that have dramatically impacted everyone’s way of life. In exchange for the invigorating opportunities to dive, swim, sail, scuba, and explore some of the most exceptional western hemisphere wonders, your visit will help sustain the nation’s tourism industry, restoring it to its pre-Corona popularity.

You can continue with the social distancing practices you have adopted by staying at a resort that has doubled its safety and sanitary practices in accordance with World Health Organization standards: Ray Caye Island Resort. This tiny private island hosts only a small number of people at any given time, and luxury accommodations are spread throughout the island so you could spend a week at Ray Caye and not see another soul. Have gourmet meals brought to your lush digs and join tour parties of just 4 participants to maintain safety protocols that keep everyone safe.

Belize’s unique wonders await you

While many of the top attractions in Belize cost nothing to visit, your presence in this small nation alone will help repair damage to the tourism industry that was done during the Corona outbreak. Prioritization will get you where you want to go in short order, so you don’t miss seeing Belize’s top sites. Sites such as Hol Chan Marine Reserve, the Great Blue Hole, wildlife refuges, and Belize’s 900 Maya archaeological sites that range from cities to underground caves filled with ritual items and skeletal remains.

As a guest of Ray Caye, you set your own agenda based on your desire to see your choice of sites and the amount of time you have to vacation. Still, if you want to do nothing more than enjoy the post-pandemic freedom your visit represents, there’s plenty to do without leaving the island that is guaranteed to delight you.

There is no such thing as planning too far in advance, especially when your goal is a Caribbean vacation that delivers relaxation and purpose. Make plans now. Visit raycaye.com to learn about Ray Caye’s 30-percent discount. It’s only available until October, and since the island is small, bookings could go fast. Having a purpose makes travel much more gratifying, and if that purpose includes celebrating the end of this pandemic, you’ll have twice the number of reasons to celebrate!

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