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Why It’s Time to ‘Come On Back’ to Belize

Aug 23, 2021
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Why It’s Time to ‘Come On Back’ to Belize

Why do travelers repeatedly return to the same destination when a world of choices is available to them? Writer Caroline Bologna asked the question of veteran travelers on behalf of Huffington Post and their answers proved eye opening. She synthesized all responses down to 10 easy-to-understand reasons people love returning to the same spot. If you’re planning on revisiting Belize, you’ll to identify with every one of them.

1. People develop emotional attachments to destinations that are so deep, they can’t imagine not returning.
2. Intrepid tourists connect with local culture and people, explaining why Belizeans are so beloved.
3. Belize’s rich, colorful history compels return visits. One can’t see all 900 Maya ruins during a single visit!
4. Beauty tugs at heartstrings, which is Belize’s lush jungles, forests and coast compel multiple visits.
5. Great food drives tourism. Belize’s multicultural culinary scene brings people back more often than you imagine.
6. Travelers frequent places they love and if the people they meet converse in English, this adds to Belize’s allure.
7. Frequent visitors love familiar, comfortable destinations so they don’t have to keep re-orienting themselves.
8. Travelers who are warmly welcomed to overseas destinations say they feel like each return is like coming home.
9. Every traveler craves feeling special, a powerful driver for visitors who are treated like celebrities throughout Belize.
10. Folks are repeatedly drawn to places offering a wealth of activities. No country meets those criteria more than Belize!

Visit Belize
Travelers fond of Belize often return to take advantage of opportunities that not every nation offers: Island vacationing. Guests discover paradise at Ray Caye Island Resort, off the Placencia coast. This private island captures visitor’s hearts, so for folks who wouldn’t think of vacationing elsewhere, Ray Caye meets all of the above-cited criteria. One sojourn will make it your favorite destination, too.

From the tranquility and peace of this private oasis, year-round sun, gentle breezes and crowd-free beaches to luxury accommodations, a respite on the island is far from ordinary. From implementing Covid-specific hygiene measures that earned Ray Caye Gold Standard certification to the island’s fabulous eatery and great amenities – a dive shop, spa, and wellness center – the island may be small but opportunities to explore Caribbean Sea wonders are bountiful.

Ray Caye’s Belize vacation packages provide all of the essentials you expect from a world-class resort, yet each package is designed for specific guest proclivities, so whether your passion happens to be fishing, diving, snorkeling or exploring jungles – or you can’t get enough Maya ruins, caves, and shopping, pick the package that suits your travel style and find bliss.

It is time to come on back to Belize
Wonder why getting a reservation at Ray Caye Island Resort can be difficult to sort out? No brainer. It’s because folks who love this tropical island always book in advance, a habit you’ll want to get into once you’ve enjoyed your first Belize vacation at this idyllic island destination.