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7 Reasons to Vacation on a Private Island in Belize In January 2022

Nov 9, 2021
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7 Reasons to Vacation on a Private Island in Belize In January 2022

It’s understandable to be skeptical about the promise of a private island vacation — but while these sorts of experiences may be framed as if they’re reserved exclusively for CEOs and A-list Hollywood stars, the island of Ray Caye offers a perfect convergence of conditions. If you’ve ever thought about renting a private island, here’s why now is the time and Ray Caye is the place.


Forget trudging through the packed winter snow to watch the ball drop on Times Square. There’s no better way to set strong expectations for the future than toasting in the new year on a private Belize island resort.


You won’t need a coat to stay warm. Winter in Belize is still pleasantly subtropical, and January falls squarely in the middle of the country’s dry season. You can expect highs in the 80s and lows in the 70s for the extent of your stay.

Belize January Vacations


The island itself is well worth it. Despite maintaining a maximum occupancy of only 50 guests, it’s a full resort island with beachfront cabanas, modern amenities, and plenty of pure and pristine sand. The Lionfish Bar and Grill offers a modern approach to traditional Caribbean cuisine, and all the guests have plenty of toys for exploring the waters.


Speaking of waters, Ray Caye is privileged to be positioned quite close to the Belize Barrier Reef. This second largest barrier reef in the world attracts divers from all around the world, but less adventurous explorers can engage in fishing or scuba diving out along the reef.


There’s a lot more than just the island and the Barrier Reef. The coastline is abundant with dozens of dive sites, and the Great Blue Hole is a worthy reason to visit in its own right. But the Belize mainland offers a whole world of adventure just a short ferry ride away. From ancient temples to river tubing to horseback riding through the jungle, the opportunities are only limited by your time and imagination.


Belize’s proximity to the United States ensures that time won’t be too much of a consideration. Direct flights from the U.S. are available throughout the year, but they’re at their peak in the winter. Airports like Fort Lauderdale and Houston can get you to Belize City in less than three hours, but direct flights are available as far north as Canada.

Belize Private Island Vacations in January


You can follow your heart without needing to worry about anything getting lost in translation. English is the primary language spoken on the resort of Ray Caye and Belize at large.


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