Deep Sea Fishing

Is there a feeling that’s more freeing than boarding a fishing boat headed for the horizon on a cloudless day in Belize? We don’t think so—and neither will you from the moment you join Ray Caye’s experienced, professional guides for one or more deep-sea fishing tours during your stay on the island. It’s just a short trip to the Barrier Reef where you’ll take a quick cut leading your boat into open seas where the ultimate fishing experience awaits.

Bait your hook. Lower your line. It takes just minutes for most Ray Caye guests to get nibbles that morph into tugs coming from snapper, barracuda, sailfish, bonito, marlin, king fish and the biggest gathering of tuna you will likely encounter anywhere else.

Choose from half-day and full-day deep-sea fishing tours offered by Ray Caye at rates that could surprise you. Take advantage of sailing lessons offered by the resort if you could use a modestly-priced refresher and then split the cost of a charter going out between yourself and from 3 to 5 other guests. The more the merrier as you save enough cash to add more deep-sea fishing excursions to your itinerary.

Remember that fishing licenses are required for any of our tours and if you don’t bring your own gear, there’s a modest daily rental charge for fly rods and spin cast rods.