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Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

Private Villas: The Future of Caribbean Travel

May 26, 2020
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Private Villas: The Future of Caribbean Travel

Have you ever imagined yourself vacationing in a villa? You don’t have to imagine it anymore. The world of travel has been reinventing itself since Coronavirus turned things upside down. Villas and stand-alone lodgings now represent the new wave of travel accommodation. Villas have become so popular, travelers are competing for bookings, say editors at CNTraveller magazine.

Why? Because travelers have redefined the standards they once set when it comes to personal priorities. Many aren’t as anxious to mingle with other guests now that the virus has redefined the way we travel. Private villas give guests the advantage of having their own space where privacy is guaranteed, and hygiene standards put into place by the international hospitality industry ensure added safety.

Affordable villas? That’s an oxymoron, right?

Not if you decide to vacation just a few hours from home in Belize, where elegant villas on the island resort of Ray Caye are available for your next holiday. Ray Caye’s oceanfront villas are appointed with extras one expects from a lodging designed for discriminating guests.

From granite countertops to personal plunge pools with Belize wood bark decks, each 1,670-square foot villa takes privacy to new heights on an island that hosts very few people at any given time. With three bedrooms at a guest’s disposal, Ray Caye villas are designed to sequester guests in the lap of luxury and privacy.

belize honeymoon suite

Switch on the air conditioner or use ceiling fans to circulate breezes that blow in from the sea. Each bathroom is stocked with toiletries just in case you forget something, and you get access to the resort’s Wi-Fi connection as well as non-motorized water toys reserved just for guests.

Exceptional safety measures ensure your visit

Just knowing that there’s a tropical, private haven awaiting you in Belize at Ray Caye Island Resort is no longer the only reassuring measure you find on this small island. Ray Caye management has put into place a series of changes that go a long way to protecting guest health and welfare.

Customized tours of Belize’s famous sites – the Belize Barrier Reef, ancient Maya ruins and caves, animal refuges and sanctuaries and cultural points of interest – are now limited to just 4 guests per tour, giving you the equivalent of private tours during your stay.

World Health Organization standards for revitalizing and sanitizing guest suites and villas have become the new normal at Ray Caye. They are a result of stringent staff training that employs the very latest methods, products, and techniques necessary to maintain guest safety. Word is obviously getting around that Ray Caye villas are once again available to travelers because bookings are increasing.

ray caye honeymoon villa

Reserve now so you’re not turned away

You’re invited to take a peek at the beauty and luxury that awaits your arrival. That peek is likely to make you realize just how hungry you are for a vacation at a place that delivers on relaxation and safety. Expect an experience that is more than just carefree; it’s the safe getaway you’ve dreamed of over the past year when life has felt overwhelming.

Turn that desire into action by contacting Ray Caye now, so you don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Call (501) 533-4446 for more information or address your inquiry to There’s never been a time you’ve needed this vacation more — and we’re pretty sure you agree!

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