Placencia Belize Is Worth Visiting, But You Don't Need To Stay There
Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

Placencia Belize Is Worth Visiting, But You Don’t Need To Stay There

Jun 16, 2022
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Placencia Belize Is Worth Visiting, But You Don’t Need To Stay There

It’s no secret that today’s trendiest Belize destination is the Placencia peninsula and for too many reasons to list here. This 16-mile-long parcel of paradise is connected to mainland Belize by a tiny causeway, thus the nickname “Barefoot Perfect” has become the quintessential way to describe this popular destination.

On one side of the peninsula, Caribbean waves bathe the hemisphere’s highest-rated beaches. On the other side – just one mile away – lies a tranquil lagoon appealing to vacationers seeking calmer waters. Both are heavenly.

Exploring the Placencia peninsula is great fun. For a small finger of land, you’ll find an amazing array of things to do. Roam charming towns filled with friendly people, dine at eateries, and explore cultural amenities, shops, and galleries. Spending your holiday on this strip of land is fun – but there’s a superior alternative just across the water if you’re eager for a unique holiday experience…

Discover Ray Caye Island Resort. It’s just 18 miles from the mainland but a million miles from the stress you may have brought with you to Belize. If you’ve never sojourned on an island, you’re in for a treat!

Your prescription for bliss

Belize Island Accommodations

If the only familiarity you have with tropical islands is via classic tales like Robinson Crusoe, the film Castaway, or the TV reality show Survivor, you’ve no clue how much paradise awaits from the moment the resort’s boat transports you through turquoise waters and drops you off at the dock. You’ll start decompressing about halfway there!

Ray Caye is designed for folks eager to escape the ordinary at a lush sanctuary known for delivering unique experiences offered by Mother Nature so you avoid the hassle of crowded resorts and hotels. Picturesque, awash in palm trees, greenery, and flowers, accommodations are divine so not only do the few guests housed at this small resort enjoy paradise outdoors but inside as well.

Make your island stay effortless

private island belize resort


Choose an Belize vacation package that treats guests to everything they desire while providing everything they need. Whether your idea of a grand adventure revolves around diving and fishing — or the prospect of spending nights on the island and taking day trips to land-based adventures like Maya ruins and trekking jungles are at the top of your must-do list – count on your package and your island host to pamper you.

Alternately, if your idea of heaven has to do with occupying a hammock under a palm tree for the entirety of your stay, curated packages deliver on substance and value, so you get the best of everything the island and staff have to offer and boredom is impossible if tours aren’t on your mind: Guests have access to pedal boats, Hobie cats, kayaks and snorkel gear, onsite gourmet dining plus spa services. Given this bounty, you may wonder how all of this is made possible on an island this small. The answer, of course, is the most accommodating staff you’ll find in Central America.

Has a group getaway been on your radar?


You wouldn’t be the first person on earth to browse the Ray Caye website and conclude that this destination would be ideal for a group getaway, which is why – if you plan far enough in advance –renting the entire island isn’t just possible but probable. Groups do it all the time so why not yours?

As you can tell while navigating the site, no offshore haven surpasses Ray Caye Island Resort when it comes to romantic adventures, weddings, and honeymoons, so you owe it to yourself to browse everything on the resort’s website to make sure you don’t miss a thing. You’ll learn that size really does matter when only an exotic island vacation off the coast of Belize’s Placencia peninsula will do!

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