How to Plan a Belize Scuba Diving Vacation in 2023
Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

How to Plan a Belize Scuba Diving Vacation in 2023

Dec 26, 2022
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How to Plan a Belize Scuba Diving Vacation in 2023

Belize is a must-do for every diver. With its pristine waters and spectacular marine wildlife, it offers world-class scuba diving in a lovely, laid-back environment.

Plan to Visit the Belize Barrier Reef

The Belize Barrier Reef stretches almost 200 miles across Belize’s coastline and offers visibility of up to 65 feet.

The reef is divided into seven sites. They are:

• Bacalar Chico National Park and Marine Reserve
• Half Moon Caye
• Great Blue Hole
• South Water Caye
• Glovers Reef
• Laughing Bird Caye
• Sapodilla Caye

Belize Island Vacations All Inclusive

Choose a Base Camp

Each of these sites has its own islands, atolls, and coral islands, known locally as cayes, where you can choose from many different dive sites. Each is protected by a marine reserve or wildlife sanctuary set up by the Belize government.

Besides these government sites, there are numerous privately owned island resorts. These private islands follow the same strict environmental regulations you see on government-protected islands.

Book at a Dive Resort

First-time and casual divers usually stay at a regular Belize hotel with plans to book one or two dives from independent tour guides. Serious divers, however, are better off staying at a resort that specializes in diving. Here’s why.

• You can book a Belize diving package, so you don’t have to waste time figuring out where to eat or stay.
• Your stay will include several dives a day, not just one or two quick trips.
• Diving resorts have experienced guides and dive masters. Many have their own dive centers and instructors.
• You can get certified or upgrade your certification while you’re there.

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Explore a Shipwreck

In 2021, the Belize government sank a 375-foot shipping vessel to create a synthetic reef for Belize’s marine animals. The ship, named the Witconcrete, is a former World War II supply vessel.

Check Out Silk Caye Marine Reserve

Silk Caye is one of the best dive sites in Belize. This beautiful stretch of the reef is a protected zone where you can see sea turtles, groupers, nurse sharks, and several coral species.

Stay at Ray Caye for the Complete Diving Experience

Belize Scuba Diving Vacations

Ray Caye is a private island in the heart of the barrier reef that caters to divers who want an unforgettable experience. At Ray Caye, you’ll enjoy a private shoreline, an unspoiled beachfront, and daily boat trips to Belize’s best dive spots.

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