Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

Earlymoon in Belize at Ray Caye Resort

Jul 11, 2020
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Earlymoon in Belize at Ray Caye Resort

Do you need to reset and get away from all the stress of wedding planning? Then it’s time for you to consider an earlymoon! Citing a recent survey ABC News reported that according to an overwhelming percentage of engaged or newlywed couples, planning a wedding is more stressful than purchasing a home or finding a job. Earlymoons are the newest trend for those seeking to step back from the barrage of details surrounding that special day. Why not put aside your to-do list before you send out those invitations and unwind from it all? Your perfect destination will be found at the intimate and quiet Ray Caye Resort noted as one of the Top Ten Hotels in Placencia.

Located off the coast of Placencia, Belize you will discover solitude, serenity, and comfort on an immaculate sandy beach and take in breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. Ray Caye is a private island Resort not far from the barrier reef that provides a pristine environment in which to enjoy an unforgettable tropical vacation. You could paddle board, go fishing, or diving, or experience the adventure of nighttime snorkeling. Indulge yourself with a spa treatment, delight your taste buds with fantastic food, and be inspired by exotic sunsets. You’ll find peace, joy, and ultimate relaxation on this ideal getaway! Relax your shoulders, breathe deeply, and book your earlymoon with us today!

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