Forget Theme Parks: Your Kids Need a Belize Island Vacation They’ll Never Forget

Aug 16, 2022
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Forget Theme Parks: Your Kids Need a Belize Island Vacation They’ll Never Forget

Adventure Island. Treasure Island. Robinson Carusoe. Whether delivered by books, films, or theme parks, kids find island adventures intriguing, compelling, and irresistible. If your kids are fascinated by island-based tales, there comes a time when books and movies won’t suffice. Taking them on an island vacation will thrill them, and if that destination is Ray Caye Island Resort off the Belize coast, you’ll make never-to-be-forgotten memories.

Prepare the kids for the magic

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Are your little ones ages 4 to 8? We suggest a copy of An Island Grows. This storybook is a great way to tell your kids that you’re thinking of a family vacation at Ray Caye Island Resort.

This beautifully illustrated work tells kids about “the birth of an island, from the first red-hot glow of magma at the bottom of the ocean to the flowing lava that hardens and builds up higher and higher until, finally, it breaks through the water′s surface.” When your youngsters plead, “Read it again!” you’ll happily oblige.

Next, check on availability at Ray Caye Island Resort to pre-plan your stay. The resort welcomes children so enthusiastically, that management has designed Belize family vacation packages that not only save money but they make sure that mom doesn’t have to lift a finger and dad can relax knowing all of the details associated with a family stay are already in place.

Something for everyone

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It’s not easy putting together a Belize vacation package that tends to the needs and desires of all family members, but Raye Caye Island’s menu was a labor of love. Family members enjoy world-class accommodations, fabulous dining, and onsite activities that keep kids of every age on the go from morning to night. Don’t be surprised if your offspring want to see and do everything on the tour menu.

You wouldn’t be the first parents to avail yourself of our spa services where privacy and nature deliver the relaxing experience every mom and dad deserve and if your energetic family members love group activities, the staff stands ready to accept your family’s challenge to meet them on either the volleyball court or the soccer field. A private island with a soccer field? Don’t be surprised. Management takes seriously its goal to keep family members engaged and delighted.

Once you’ve got everyone in the family onboard and eager to take that family island vacation, choose a couple of dates for flexibility and then book online. Everyone speaks English in Belize so every detail of your getaway couldn’t be easier to sort out thanks to the Internet.

When you pack, toss the book into your child’s bag. They will want to re-read it once they’ve arrived on a real island that was once nothing more than bubble-up lava that came from the earth’s core. Here’s a bonus: Your children won’t have to fish for ideas when their teacher asks the class this question: “How did you spend your vacation?”

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