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Imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded.

A Day on Ray Caye

Sep 10, 2019
3 min read
A Day on Ray Caye

Get ready for as much action or relaxation as you need! There are so many things to do, and countless adventures to be had on our island home!

Traveling to a remote Caribbean island represents a real opportunity to disconnect from the endlessly busy world that we have all become so accustomed to, and reconnect to something much more important; nature and ourselves! We all have different ways of unwinding; for some of us it is literally being able to switch off our phones and escape from reality. For others, it is having the chance to embrace new experiences and find stillness in the mind through action and adventure. No matter which camp you fall into, Ray Caye Island has you covered!

For the adventure seekers…

Why not try your hand at a Hobie Cat? No idea what that is? A Hobie Cat is a small sailing catamaran that is surprisingly easy to sail on your own. On Ray Caye, we offer complimentary lessons for those that are brand new to the idea of sailing meaning you can be floating over our turquoise waters in no time at all!

If you fancy another type of ‘over-the-water’ adventure, we have three more options: Kayaks, Paddle Boards, and Pedal Boats! We keep both recreational and fishing Kayaks on the island, and each one features adjustable padded seats, self-bailing scuppers, and carry handles. All you need to do is let us know when you want to go out, and we’ll make sure it’s in the water waiting for you. An especially nice way to spend a day is to escape on a private tour to a deserted island beach with a picnic lunch and a snorkel!

For those wanting to stay closer to the island, Paddle Boarding is a great option for singles and couples alike. Take a paddle around the island, or if you’re feeling limber, why not enjoy a yoga practice in our brand-new studio, and then take some of your poses to the water to have a go at Paddle Board Yoga! If nothing else, we can confirm that this always results in smiles and laughter, especially if it’s your first time!

Finally, our Escapade Pedal Boats offer the ultimate treat. Complete with a sleek design and even a sunshade, the Escapade delivers absolute stability on the water and makes your journey feel effortless. It’s so good, it even holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing of the English Channel, though we don’t recommend you try that on your vacation!

For the underwater lovers…

Being so close to some of the best diving in Belize and the Caribbean, we can’t possibly miss the opportunity to mention diving in this article. Home to Pirate Reef Divers, we can take care of organizing all your diving needs and get you to the best diving spots faster than anyone else. Whether you are new to the idea of diving, or you’ve been doing it for years, we have the equipment, instructors and locations that you need for a perfect diving vacation. Better still, we can even help you catch a Lionfish dinner if you feel ready to try your hand at spearfishing!

If you’re not quite ready to get fully immersed in the depths, then snorkeling is for you! We have some incredible snorkeling spots right off our island and can provide you with equipment to explore on your own, or take you out on a guided tour to make sure you get the best from the experience. Once you’re comfortable, you might even decide you want to try night snorkeling! We have lights at the end of our island pier that attract Rays, Squid, Octopus, and a variety of other fish making nighttime a truly magical and unique time to be in the water.

For the island enthusiasts…

There is plenty to explore on our island including our beautiful freshwater swimming pool which has a bar on one side and the beach on the other. Add some shady palm trees, sunshine, and comfortable loungers, and we promise we won’t judge you if you don’t move for the entire week!

Perhaps you want a bit more activity? In which case seek out our island Volleyball court or our Football/Soccer field. Don’t fret if you didn’t come with a team ready, our staff is always more than happy to practice their skills! Alternatively, if ball-skills aren’t your thing, you can head over to our new Fitness Center. There you’ll find everything from elliptical trainers and treadmills, to free weights and a multi-exercise cable machine; everything you need to get a great workout!

For the relaxation devotees…

Everybody deserves to relax, and that’s exacty why we’ve recently opened a brand-new Massage Studio where you can enjoy a variety of treatments. Pick from a selection of massages, rejuvenating facials, and even invigorating body scrubs. Alternatively, you can find your island Zen by paying a visit to our beautiful new Yoga Studio. Complete with mats and an ocean view, you’ll find it easier than ever to find peace and a calm mind.

All of this, and we haven’t even started on the endless fishing opportunities, and action-packed motorized toys! With all of this available and more on Ray Caye, you might need to stay for a month! Book your stay today and let’s start planning!